Does Legal Medical Cannabis Reduce Overdose Rates?

Opioid pain relievers, while offering some benefits to patients with cancer and other diseases, also come with severe health consequences, including overdose. The rise in opioid prescriptions has caused concern and it’s made the C.D.C. take action urging doctors to limit use of these drugs. Simultaneously, legal medical marijuana recommendations have offered alternative treatment for pain and other symptoms. Time is showing that marijuana can offer the same positives for the body as prescription opioids, or more. And, it’s providing growing evidence of medical cannabis reducing overdose.

Overdose Rates Fell for States with Medical Marijuana Laws

Death certificate data compiled at the state level, from 1999 to 2010, showed that the rate of death by opioid overdose annually decreased substantially in states that had medical marijuana laws on the books. On average, it declined by 25% for these states, in comparison to states where medical marijuana was illegal.

Will Mainstream Medicine Switch to Medical Marijuana?

Is it possible that medical marijuana is a safer pain relief alternative than opioids? The previously mentioned study and others suggest this, which opens the door to great potential when it comes to more gentle treatments being widely accepted. But, there are still questions regarding why marijuana might work to reduce opioid overdose.

Medical Marijuana Might not be Appropriate in all Situations

These observations don’t prove marijuana should be used to treat opioid addiction in all cases, as in some instances other options are recommended. Additional research is needed, because often, quitting marijuana too can help a person get through recovery. We’ve yet to see how the legalization of marijuana will affect, positively or negatively, treatment for opioid or heroin addition. But, there should definitely be an ongoing investigation into the matter.

If you live in California, medical marijuana is a possibility for treatment for a variety of health issues. If you think medical marijuana can help you, we suggest you speak to a doctor. Then, with a physician’s recommendation, you can order medical marijuana from Green Door West.  Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company that offers cannabis delivery in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles area.