Dressing To Impress On Zoom Meetings: Quick Upgrades For Your Outfit To Enhance Your Look

Our new normal has provided us with many challenges these last few years including the move to remote working for so many. Staying connected is now a bigger priority than ever before and so we have entered the virtual meeting age. The are many positives to the virtual meeting and it has kept us going through lockdowns and restrictions. It’s allowed us to meet with colleagues, customers, and bosses anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. 

Our pre-pandemic selves have now been replaced with a square on a screen. Where before we could have a quick chat in person we are now faced with virtual meeting after meeting. It’s no wonder we are experiencing a little Zoom fatigue. But has this remote world changed the way we dress? Power suits and pencil skirts are no longer required and I’m sure you know someone who has turned up to a meeting in their pyjamas with no shame. Yet why have we given up our sense of style? It’s still possible to keep it casual but professional. It can be hard to know where to start, it’s not surprising having spent so long without the need or motivation.

But with minimal effort, some quick upgrades will enhance the look of any outfit and bring your sense of style back to life. 

Bright Colours 

Often webcams aren’t the best quality, so if you wear a bright coloured top and it will make you stand out from your background. They do this on television (take note next time you watch the news) it helps you to remain the focus and not appear like a floating head. 

Add a Jacket or Coat

Don’t forget Zooms main purpose is to allow you to meet anywhere. If you find yourself out and about adding a coat or jacket can not only enhance your look but keep you warm too. 

Statement Jewellery

A quick way to enhance your look is to add a necklace or some earrings. This can take a simple outfit from basic to polished professional. A nice watch can also finish off an outfit perfectly. 

Add a Blazer 

If your meeting is more formal add a blazer, this will make even the simplest outfit seem more professional. Opt for a neutral colour so it matches everything. 

Be comfortable 

There’s more than just fashion when it comes to dressing for a zoom meeting. Make sure you pick something comfortable. You’ll most likely be sitting down and there’s nothing more distracting than a tight waistband digging into your stomach. Pick something with a little stretch and allow yourself to breathe. 

One thing to take away is always dress in a way that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. This is proven to enhance your productivity. It will put you in the right mind frame for your meeting and help you to define some boundaries between work and home. It’s also good for your mental wellbeing, as getting up and ready for the day brings back the sense of purpose that we have all lost a little these past two years.