Drug Detox Programs and How They Can Help

In 2017, nearly 20 million Americans battled a substance abuse problem.

1 out of 8 of those adults also struggled with alcohol abuse at the same time.

Addiction affects many people just like us. Are you or a loved one in the throes of addiction and looking for a way out? 

One solution many addicts turn to is detox programs. These are typically precursors to drug or alcohol rehab. Hand in hand, these two programs can help get addicts on the road to recovery.

We explain what they are and how they can help here.

What Are Detox Programs?

Drug and alcohol detox centers are places where people let drugs or alcohol safely rid their body.

These programs are medically supervised by doctors, nurses, and therapists, who help patients navigate the withdrawal symptoms. They provide assistance and guidance and sometimes prescribe medication to ease symptoms. 

Detox programs are especially important because attempting to detox at home can sometimes be fatal.

Depending on the substance and the amount taken, some withdrawal symptoms are deadly. That’s why candidates for detox are those addicted to drugs with these adverse symptoms.

Some of those substances are:

  • Opioids and heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines

Detox will vary for everyone depending on the severity of their addiction and the type of substance involved. Since many addicts also suffer from mental health disorders, a program can help keep things in perspective. 

Both of these factors determine how long the detox would take. It can take anywhere from days to months, depending on the person.

How Can They Help?

We mentioned that quitting cold turkey, unsupervised, can be fatal.

This is perhaps the most crucial reason to seek a detox program. Doctors can safely wean addicts off drugs or prescribe medication to ease the unwelcome effects of withdrawal.

Additionally, detox is vital for those on the road to recovery.

Detox is the first step in addiction recovery. It gets addicts clean and more clear-headed, ready to seek the next step: rehab. Although detox programs are efficient, they work much better when done with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

People who enter drug or alcohol detox can improve their odds of success if:

  • They allow the detoxification process to be slow
  • They’re motivated to succeed after the program
  • They have full-time jobs
  • They have connections with other sober people

These improve the chances of remaining sober after detox.

As with anything, do some comparing of centers before choosing one for you or a loved one. See if they can offer insight into their success, their strategies, and the like. Look for testimonials from previous patients. 

If You Need Help, Seek It

Detox programs aim to get you feeling like your healthy self again.

If you or a loved one is ready to feel like yourself, consider this as an essential first step in the recovery process. Detox will get you clean, clear-headed, and prepared to pursue the next steps.

If you’d like more like this, keep scrolling our blog. And good luck on your journey!