Drugs And Alcohol Treatment Made A Difference

Many people may argue that the using drug and alcohol has no significant effect on an individual’s health in a negative way. These people are looking through a glass window and not directly at the problem. They don’t see drug and alcohol use as being a victimized crime. However, from the alarming statistics of drugs and alcohol treatment of individuals who have to go in for rehab, the statement is made to show otherwise.

Drugs and alcohol addiction creates so many victims in this society and it is understandable why there are so many treatment centers being created to man the effect that it has on society. Addiction of any type of substance causes major psychological, medical and mental problems to the individual who uses these substances.

What Medical Problems are caused by Alcohol Addiction?


There are also some minor problems that can exist such as arthritis for those who consume too much alcohol. This happens because of uric acid deposits developing as fluid in the joints and lining of the muscles. This type of arthritis is very painful and comes on rapidly when alcohol consumption is high. The arthritis attacks come with heat and redness of the joint along with the pain.


People that abuse alcohol and drugs are creating a greater risk of having cancer than others who don’t indulge in such practices. These kinds of cancer that affect the pancreas, liver, rectum, mouth and breast can be fatal. Drug and alcohol treatment does make a difference when it comes to finding help for someone who is excessively addicted.

Memory Loss & Nervous System

Memory loss and problems with the nervous system is also part of the drug and alcohol abuse issues. This is why sometimes; a drunk will not remember half of what took place during the periods of alcoholism overdose. This individual will forget a whole day because the alcohol makes it impossible to think sensibly. The drugs will have the same effect as well. Dementia can be so severe that rehabilitation is hardly helpful.


Drug addicts have a tendency to hallucinate and become paranoid. Paranoia is very dominant in a drug addict’s life where he or she will always think that someone is doing something to hurt them. This is true also of depression, isolation and feeling lonely. The drug addict and alcoholic will withdraw themselves from their family and friends and stay in their home for days without coming out. They will think that no one cares about them or love them.

Uncontrollable Emotions:

Drug and alcohol treatment helps individuals who are addicts to control their angry and hostile emotions and puts them on to a path of recovery that includes behavior modification and understanding about dealing with life’s issues.

How Rehabilitation Centers can help?

Drug Rehabilitation can come in many types of treatment methods, and there are thousands of drug rehabilitation centers across the United States. We have access to a database of all the licensed centers in the United States and Canada.

When looking for drug rehabilitation you need to consider many factors. Including:

  • The age of the individual needing help
  • The type of drug used
  • Also has the individual been under the care of a psychologist or psychiatrist? If so what has been diagnosed?
  • Has the individual taken any medication? If so what type of medication?
  • How long has the person taken medication?

This also leads into the financial question of how is the drug rehabilitation going to be paid for? Well there are many types of treatment available with varying prices. It can be hard to know what is needed for the individual to be successful in their quest for sobriety. Here you can find information on rehab without insurance.

Change in personality becomes a thing of the past when an addict undergoes treatment. They are able to recover from the addiction and go back to being their normal self. Their family can now enjoy their company and feel safe being in their presence and not having to judge them whether they are still doing drugs or alcohol or not.

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