Exercising through the Seasons

If you live in a part of the country where the seasons can change drastically, you may find that during one of the seasons you simply aren’t getting enough exercise. If you hate the extreme heat, you may find it more difficult to just get out and do things. On the other hand, if the cold gets to you, you may find yourself hibernating like a bear and avoiding exercise at all costs.

A lot of people are active during one season and then stop all activity during another. This can be particularly true for people that love one certain sport that can only be played during the summer or winter. If you love tennis, for example, you are most likely slim, trim and totally fit during the summer months and then less toned during the winter.

Getting fit for all seasons

It’s all a matter of taking a realistic view of how much you are exercising on a year-long basis. It’s not all about being fit for one time of the year and then lying around during another. Exercise needs to be done regularly at all times of the year throughout every season.

If you absolutely hate going outside during one part of the year, you may want to consider setting up a small home gym so that you can meet your basic exercise requirements during the entire 12 months. Exercise can’t be considered as an on-again off-again type of experience and it doesn’t do your body any good to treat it this way.

It’s hard on your body

When you’re working out like a king during the summer and then turn into butter during the winter, your body is going to be taking a beating. At one minute it’s used to vigorous exercise and the next it is seldom being used. Your car is a machine that needs maintenance all the time. If you suddenly stop using your car and park it for a few months, you can’t expect it to automatically turn on when you’re ready to use it again. The battery will have drained during these few months and you’ll have to either get a new battery or shock the old one back to life. This is, in fact, what you’re doing to your body and over the years it can take its toll on you.

Make a list

It’s time to get truthful with yourself and take a look at all of the exercising you do during the spring, summer, fall and winter. Don’t forget to include any walking you may do during the seasons when you like to get out and about. This is definitely exercise – even if it may not be as vigorous as the sporting activities that you like to do.

Make a list of these items and then figure out how you can add more exercise to the seasons that you currently aren’t addressing. You’ll find when you do this that some creative ideas may come to mind that you haven’t thought of before.

By exercising throughout the seasons you’re giving your body exactly what it needs and won’t need to shock it back to life after a season of inactivity. Do your body a big favour and get it back on track to total health throughout all 12 months of the year.