Fell on Knee? 5 Potential Injuries You Could Suffer

Your knee is the largest joint in your body, and also the one that is most commonly injured. 

With so many components making up the complex anatomy of the knee, there are many injuries that can result from an impact on the knee.

If you have fallen on your knee and are experiencing pain, it’s important to figure out what you have injured so you can treat it before permanent damage occurs. 

Fell on knee? Keep reading to learn about 5 different injuries you are likely to suffer from.

What Can Happen If You Fell on Knee

If you recently fell on your knee, what are some common ailments you can suffer from?

1. Fracture

The bone that is most commonly fractured is the kneecap or the patella, however, any bone in or around the knee can be fractured.

The most common causes of knee fracture are high-impact accidents. These can include car accidents or hard falls on the knee. If a condition like osteoporosis is present, a fracture can happen much easier. For example, stepping the wrong way or tripping can cause a fracture.

2. Dislocation

A knee becomes dislocated when the bones of the knee are moved out of their natural alignment.

Contact sports commonly cause dislocation, as a hard hit can easily cause the bones to move out of place.

3. Torn Meniscus

A meniscal tear is when cartilage in the knee is torn.

The menisci can tear with physical activity or just naturally with age. A tear that comes with age is known as a degenerative meniscus tear. If the meniscus tears as a result of physical activity, a pop is often heard or felt in the knee.

If you have experienced a meniscal tear, you may experience pain, swelling, or tightness over the next few days after the accident.

4. Hyperextension

When your leg bends beyond the straight position it’s meant to be in, this is called a hyperextended knee.

While excruciatingly painful, a hyperextended knee can also lead to ligament damage. This is treated by a chiropractor or in extreme cases, surgery. When the knee is hyperextended, you will most likely hear a “pop” before the pain starts.

An acute, sharp pain will follow the pop you see or hear in your knee.

5. Tendonitis

Tendonitis is also known as, “inflammation of the knee.”

Tendonitis is when an injury happens to the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shinbone. The patellar tendon connects to the thigh, allowing us to run, jump, and do other physically demanding things.

Tendonitis is often called the “runner’s knee,” as it is a very common injury for runners to experience. 

Don’t Wait to Have Your Injury Treated

If you have experienced any of the previously listed symptoms or accidents after you fell on knee, it’s important to have your knee looked at.

If you continue to exercise, or even just walk on an injured knee, you’re risking permanent damage. 

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