Finding A Cure For America’s Overwhelming Drug Addiction Problem

It should come as no surprise to learn that America is currently facing a drug epidemic. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are turning to narcotics as a way to escape their pain, depression, and other problems. Just recently, the Mayo Clinic concluded that approximately seventy percent of Americans were consuming at least a single pharmaceutical drug each and every day. The most commonly abused drugs including pain relievers and anti-depressants. They’re popular for their ability to provide the user with a euphoric feeling and this can quickly become very addicting. Is there a cure to the American addiction problem out there? You will find out below.


In the past few years, the government has turned to Naloxone as a way to combat the drug epidemic. Naloxone is effective for reversing the effects of an overdose, but it isn’t necessarily a deterrent. And, it should be known that Naloxone is fairly expensive. It can be a very helpful tool for preventing overdose deaths, but it is simply ineffective for stopping abuse. Therefore, Naloxone should be used as a last resort. There are other medications and treatment techniques, which are far more effective for preventing drug addiction.

The Problem With Pain Killers

Pain killers are incredibly addictive. Painkiller addiction has grown by enormous proportions over the past few years. Thousands of Americans die from overdose deaths due to painkiller abuse each year. These drugs are commonly abused, because they provide the user with a euphoric feeling and take away their intense pain for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, the duration of relief is limited. Once the medication has worn off, the pain will return and this happens fairly rapidly. The end result will see the patient reaching for additional painkillers.

Suffice to say, this creates a reoccurring habit, which eventually develops into an addiction. Painkillers are mentally and physically addictive.

Finding Alternatives

The good news is that there are alternatives out there. The past few years have brought many innovative remedies for pain and many of them are non-addictive. This includes homeopathic treatments and even supplements. Palmidrol or Palmitoylethanolamide has emerged as a leading remedy for pain and inflammation. The chemical, which are originally discovered in 1952, first entered the market as Impulsin in the last 1960s. In 1976, the drug entered the Spanish market under the name Palmidrol. After the original Czechoslovakian manufacturer stopped producing the drug, it quickly disappeared from the market.

Thankfully, it has returned in a big way. In the early 1990s, extensive research was conducted regarding the implementation of Palmidrol as a supplement. Although Palmidrol isn’t classified as a medication at this point in time, it is commonly consumed as a supplement and has proven to be effective for various purposes, including diminishing inflammation and combating pain. The most common uses for Palmidrol today include remedying lower back pain, diabetic pain, and even arthritis pain.


What Palmidrol Can Do

Aside from being non-addictive, there are numerous benefits associated with the consumption of Palmidrol. The chemical can behave like a natural painkiller and works in three manners. First and foremost, the chemical is capable of protecting your cells. It is capable of protecting the cells from outside impactors. It can also decrease inflammation or swelling. Palmidrol is effective for combating inflammation when the patient is suffering from a common cold, the flu, or another illness.

And finally, experts and researchers highly praise the pain suppression capabilities of Palmidrol. Palmidrol is capable of regulation the pain receptors within the cell and this in return diminishes the pain experienced by the patient. This combination effectively replicates the effects of pharmaceutical pain killers. However, Palmidrol is not addictive and is therefore considered to be much safer than the alternatives.

Obtaining Palmidrol

It is undeniably true that Americans have easy access to pain medications and other prescription pills. This is true, whether or not they have a prescription. So, many Americans will take the easy path of dulling their pain with narcotics. Unfortunately, this is dangerous and could result in a devastating addiction. Palmidrol is a much safer and more viable alternative. Sadly, Palmidrol isn’t always obtainable from your local pharmacy or corner store. However, the medication is available in some supplements and is marketed under the name Peacure.

This specific supplement is all natural and its main ingredient is Palmidrol. It is also available in pill and cream form. Alternative, the supplement can also be acquiring in powder form. Peacure is a highly effective pain relieving supplement and is much more effective than Normast.


At this point in time, America is reeling from a drug problem. Thankfully, new medications such as those mentioned above and Palmidrol have become more available and their benefits are enormous. By avoiding pain medication and sticking with safer alternatives, America may very well be able to overcome its addiction problem. In order to do that though, the country as a whole will need to work together to combat the problem.