Five Reasons To Fit In Fitness Each Day

A regular fitness regimen does more for your body than just helping you lose weight. Exercise is good for your insides and the outside of your body, and it’s good for you from head to toes. There are many reasons why it is recommended that people get at least twenty minutes to a half and hour of exercise every single day- it does your body and mind good. Here are some of the good things it does.

Improves Your Balance

Exercise and a healthy weight will give you balance. With fitness, you’re building up your muscles and strengthening your spine, which helps with far better balance. Better balance means less falls as you get older.

Yoga, as well as any aerobic exercises, is great for increasing your balance. Many of the different poses are made to help increase your balance, from having you stand on one foot to working your body and muscles from one side to the next.

Increases Your Flexibility

Not only does exercise, including yoga, help build better balance, but it will also help increase your flexibility. Flexibility decreases as you age, so doing what you can now to increase it will help out a lot when it comes to your ability to walk and even do normal daily tasks as you age.

Strengthens Your Muscles

Exercise builds and strengthens muscles. Even walking and running will increase your muscle strength, but you can also do exercises that are specific to muscle building if you want to be more than just toned. Lift weights or visit the weight machines at the gym and you’ll notice more muscles in no time (make sure to get some protein in your diet as well).

Strengthens Your Mind

Fitness isn’t just good for your body or the way you look, it’s also good for your mind. You’ll find that you think clearer after a good workout. The release of endorphins, feel-good hormones, in your brain from a run or intense workout can make you feel happy. They call it a “runner’s high.”

Fitness is great for people that suffer from depression. If you can motivate yourself to get up and even go for a nice nature walk you’ll find that it’s hard not to be pulled back out of that slump.

Extends Your Life

Lastly, this new healthy lifestyle of yours that includes a daily workout will also help you live longer. Fitness and weight loss extend your life. You’ll also find that not only do you think clearer, but you breath better. Fitness is good for our lungs and even for your heart health.

Take some time to exercise every single day. Change up your routine from time to time to keep it interesting. And on days where you’re just not feeling it, go for a short walk.