Five Unique Jobs in the Medical Field

The medical field is growing by leaps and bounds today. Any person with the proclivity for medicine is advised to consider the profession to fill the jobs that are opening due to retirees. You don’t have to be a doctor to get into the field. Some people have interesting career paths in the medical field that are often not considered. Some paths may even combine a hobby with the medical field. Let’s take a look at five unique jobs that you may not consider in the field of medicine.


Medical Illustrator

Being a medical illustrator is not a job that is often discussed, but it combines medical knowledge with artistic talent. Medical illustrators can use graphics to create representations of body parts for legal proceedings, posters, and textbooks. Illustrators can use computer programs to develop art with the level of detail that is required in the medical field. To become a medical illustrator, you must have a bachelor’s degree and possibly, a Master’s in medical illustration. Currently, there are only five accredited master’s degree programs in the United States. The programs are competitive, and require excellent grades, but the industry is expected to grow 10 percent to 25 percent by 2016.


Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists will investigate any DNA that may be a part of a criminal investigation. These people commonly interpret medical facts and present the facts to courts. You can also determine the time of death by studying the human body. Forensic medicine, forensic pathology, and forensic toxicology are common ways to get involved in the industry. Employment rates are expected to grow by 12 percent by 2016.


Art Therapist

Art therapists are useful to help psychotherapists communicate with, and help people of all ages heal. When people undergo trauma, art can evoke emotions that talk cannot. It’ll help people explore the depths of their psyche. Paint, crayons, and chalk can be used to explore these options.



Medical interpreters can help translate complex medical terms for people who are having difficulty understanding. The interpretation can take place simultaneously or consecutively. Interpreters must be able to listen and speak at the same time. When an interpret conveys a sentence while the speaker is talking, this is considered to be simultaneous interpretation. These interpreters need to be highly familiar with their subject matter. Medical interpreters do not require advanced degrees, but they must be fluent in both their native language, and a second language. Employment in this field is expected to increase by 24 percent in 2016.


Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

If you’re in the market for a pharmaceutical sales jobs, you can view job listings in medical sales online and in a variety of industry publications. Historically, people in pharmaceutical sales jobs need a strong sales background, and secondarily, an understanding of the medical profession. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree and some may require a master’s degree in a related healthcare field or business. The industry was expected to be on the decline, but there may be signs that the field is making a comeback.


If you want a unique job in the medical field, any of these five jobs will be worth the effort. Just ensure that you have the proper credentials before seeking a job in the medical field. This will increase your ability for success during the search process. Since the jobs are unique, you may not find them readily listed on job sites. Your search may require the help of a recruiter. If you’re looking for a unique job in the medical field, consider these fields.