Florida House Experience can help with your addiction problems

Who they are?

At Florida House Experience, we’re a group of dedicated professionals across a wide variety of disciplines, all centred around helping you overcome your substance abuse problem. Our case managers, medical doctors, psychiatrists and clinicians make up a multi-pronged approach that tackles your addiction from every angle with the aim of putting it behind you and allowing you to go on to live a fulfilling life. We’re also here to help anyone with a debilitating mental disorder that is preventing you from achieving your career goals.

Ours is a neurological rehabilitation, a doctor-supervised program created for people with trauma, diseases or disorders of the nervous system. It consists of some treatment tracks designed to get you healthy as quickly as possible and help you stay healthy as you go on with your life. These run the gamut from medically-supervised detox through residential treatment to outpatient services and alumni care. At Florida House Experience, our goal is your freedom – freedom from the condition that brings you here and freedom to put your life back together the way you want, to achieve the most satisfaction you can.

Why use them?

Each patient is equally important to us. When we meet, we’ll take the time to get to know you and determine the type and level of treatment that we both believe has the best chance to get you back on your feet and keep you there long into the future. The next step is medical detox, in which we monitor you 24 hours a day to ensure this typically miserable process goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible without relapses. At this point, most of our patients undergo residential treatment at our beautiful campus for at least seven days. Patients whose live schedule prevents this form of treatment can take advantage of our out-patient services.

Adults of any age group can achieve a recovery. Every person and their particular level of addiction are different, which requires a completely customized treatment program. Given that there is no such thing as a therapy that works wonders for everyone, it’s critical that each patient is given their treatment program made up of individualized treatment as well as group therapy. Additionally, we go beyond typical addiction rehab by using modern medical techniques designed to curb addictions at the neurological level.

Brain mapping, using quantitative electroencephalogram, is an advanced treatment which Florida House Experience utilizes to visualize the patient’s brain, by measuring the electrical activity coming from each area of the brain. We look at “networks” of the brain, areas that may be associated with addiction or any other neurological and psychological impairment. By understanding which areas of the brain are dysregulated, we can tailor the treatment program to each patient and maximize the likelihood of successful intervention. For instance, a patient who experiences seizure activity will be treated far differently than a person whose brain is prone to anxiety.

We make sure each patient’s loved ones are kept fully up to speed with the progress of treatment and help them manage what is undoubtedly a stressful experience for all involved.

Case management services help us continue to care for each client as they make their way through the process and resume their life free from addiction. This may include social services as well as job preparedness and resume building.