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Frank and Kristina De-Levi Explain Why Patient Care Advocates are Important

When patients are medically fragile or unable to speak up for themselves, they are often in need of advocacy in their care. Many patients do not have the ability to focus on getting their healthcare and personal needs met, so it is necessary for a professional to step in and make sure that they are being cared for properly.

One of the professions in which patient care advocacy is so important is in-home healthcare. Kristina De-Levi knows that patients often prefer to be at home rather than in a hospital or rehab facility, where they are uncomfortable, and their needs are not met on an individual basis. Dedicated healthcare professionals like nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and dietitians can come into the home, provide treatment and support, and leave the patient feeling better.

Frank and Kristina De-Levi explain the importance of patient care advocacy and how a home healthcare professional is uniquely equipped to offer this crucial service.

The Basics of Patient Care Advocacy

A patient advocate like Frank De-Levi is responsible for guiding a patient through the healthcare system. They help patients through the process of being screened, diagnosed, and treated with a medical condition. Patient advocates are an important link between the patient and their medical care team, often translating information that the medical care team provides for the patient’s benefit.

Patient care advocates like Kristina De-Levi may be able to help patients set up appointments for their necessary doctor’s visits and medical tests. They can provide financial, social, and legal support when it comes to dealing with the healthcare system. They can also work with insurance companies, case managers, employers, and lawyers, as well as other professionals who may be able to help a patient with their healthcare needs.

Patient care advocacy is particularly important in a home healthcare context. When patients are no longer able to manage their own healthcare, it is crucial for compassionate professionals like Frank and Kristina De-Levi to step in and make sure that their issues are dealt with. Advocates are able to cut through the red tape of dealing with the healthcare system, so they are valued for every home healthcare patient.

The Role of the Home Healthcare Professional

When a patient works with a trusted home healthcare agency, they can rest assured that their special medical needs are being met. Home healthcare professionals like Frank De-Levi can manage all of the service providers that are needed for the patient to recover in an at-home setting.

Home healthcare is represented by a number of different professionals coming together to care for a patient. Owners of home healthcare agencies like Frank and Kristina De-Levi are responsible for their patients’ health and well-being. Patients may need help with housework, meals, and general grooming. They may need help making appointments and may need to be driven to the doctor’s office. They may need physical and occupational therapy.

Home healthcare workers are coordinated by patient care advocates like Kristina De-Levi. These advocates are also frontline contacts between the patient and their healthcare team.

Special Services Provided by Patient Care Advocates

A patient care advocate is especially helpful when a patient is dealing with a complex condition like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. Patient care advocates should be trained in recognizing the troublesome symptoms of these diseases in order to care for them.

Patient care advocates can help to arrange dietary support for their charges. A proper diet is crucial to feeling better when suffering from a serious disease like cancer. They can also help to provide the necessary personal care and grooming services to their clients.

Why Do Patients Need Advocacy?

While some home healthcare patients are not able to deal with the logistics of managing their own care, a patient care advocate like Frank De-Levi can be helpful for everyone. Patient care advocates do focus their services on patients who cannot advocate for themselves, but they can also be a valuable source of assistance for capable patients who need help navigating the system. A patient care advocate’s network of professionals can help with most problems experienced in a home healthcare setting.

Frank and Kristina De-Levi believe that every patient, regardless of their own health or ability level, should have access to a patient care advocate. Dealing with the healthcare system can be tiresome and difficult, and a trusted professional should be able to help cut through the worst of the red tape. Understanding how the healthcare system works and having a network of professional contacts means that a care advocate is able to get each patient what they deserve for a smooth recovery.