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Get Back to Living: 12 Natural Remedies for PTSD

Did you know that PTSD affects around 9 million American adults?

Are you looking for natural remedies for PTSD? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over different ways to treat this disorder.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for its calming properties. Brew up a tea before bed to help promote a deep sleep and combat insomnia.

This herb can help ease depression and social anxiety because it calms your nerves.

2. Cut Back on Adrenaline with Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle can help folks with PTSD because it regulates the adrenal glands. Adrenaline is a hormone created for anxiety-inducing conditions.

If you have overactive adrenal glands, you’ll have continual fight-or-flight symptoms. These symptoms can cause brash behaviors or even traumatic flashbacks. Take stinging nettle in the form of capsules, tea, or tinctures. 

3. Overcome Insomnia with Valerian 

A common symptom of PTSD is the inability to fall asleep, often worsened by anxiety. Valerian is an effective sedative you can find at a health food store.

It will help you sleep. Valerian also eases symptoms of depression and anxiety accompanying insomnia.

4. Try Acupuncture

A holistic therapy to manage PTSD is acupuncture. Acupuncture stimulates specific acupressure points that will help balance the nervous system. This therapy can also ease anxiety, sleep disorders, and aid relaxation. 

5. Try Kava Root

Kava root is a relaxing agent used for nervous episodes or panic attacks.

You can have a tea made from kava root or take it in the form of a capsule. Kava root is a natural method to treat a wide range of symptoms.

6. Try Meditation and Yoga

These two mindful practices can help reduce stress and improve concentration and self-awareness. Having better self-awareness can lead you to increased acceptance and happiness.

7. Try Skullcap

Try out a medicinal plant called skullcap. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses this plant for healing purposes.

It can treat fever, inflammation, and help ease distressed mental states. Consider trying this out in the form of a tea or capsule.

8. Try Medical Marijuana

Did you know medical marijuana can diminish core symptoms of PTSD? Some people report a decrease in re-experiencing the trauma.

They also say they have a decline in hyper-arousal. Look into trying out marijuana for PTSD.

9. Promote Health with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Different types of extracts and oils promote relaxation, energy, or relief.

Lavender can help you feel relaxed while lemon oil helps relieve mild depression. Other oils can lessen tension in your muscles. See an aromatherapist to learn more about this therapy.

10. Aim to Exercise Daily

Exercising is a natural way to combat PTSD. Your body releases endorphins after exercise, which diminishes stress hormones. Exercise also gets rid of anxious energy and can improve your coping strategies.

Try out rhythmic activities like running, walking, swimming, or dancing. You can focus on how your body feels instead of your thoughts. Notice how the wind on your skin feels if you’re out for a walk.

To try something new. Sign up for a martial arts class or try weight training.

Spend a few hours in nature. Go camping or mountain biking at your local nature park. If it’s winter, head out for a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Spending time outdoors will help you cope with PTSD symptoms. People usually feel a sense of peace and relaxation when they spend time outside.

Research local organizations that put together outdoor activities. You’ll get to meet new people and exercise at the same time.

11. Stay Social 

PTSD can often make you feel disconnected from people. Do you dislike social activities and often want to withdraw from loved ones? Try hard to stay connected to those who care about you. 

You don’t have to speak to them about your past, but companionship is vital to recovery. Reach out to someone you can talk to without feeling judged or criticized. You could speak to a therapist or a friend. 

Consider volunteering at a local charity. You can connect with other people and get outside of the house for a few hours.

You could also join a PTSD support group. Joining a group will feel you feel less alone and isolated. Others will share how they cope with symptoms.

12. Aim for a Healthy Lifestyle

Take care of your body and work on developing healthy habits. Sign up for a massage once a month to help you relax.

If you struggle with traumatic memories, don’t self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. These substances can often worsen symptoms of PTSD.

If you overuse, you could face problems in your relationships. Try to avoid both substances or aim for moderation.

Consume a healthy diet. Start your day with a nutritious meal and snack between meals. Incorporate whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits and vegetables into your diet. Limit fried foods, sugars, and processed food.

Try to sleep for seven to nine hours every night. Sleep deprivation can cause moodiness, irritability, and anger. To help with your sleep routine, listen to calming music and make your room as dark as possible.

Aim to leave your phone off when you go to bed. You don’t want to end up scrolling through your social media pages. 

Natural Remedies for PTSD

We hope you found this guide on PTSD helpful. Consider these different natural remedies for PTSD and see what works best for you.

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