Getting Candida Overgrowth Under Control (6 Natural Steps)

Candida overgrowth can have dangerous effects on the body. It causes the intestinal wall, causes infection, digestive issues, and even depression.

So, what is candida? Candida is a fungal form of yeast that lives in everybody’s mouths and intestinal tracts. It is a necessary fungus that helps with your digestion and helps you absorb important nutrients.

However, overproduction of candida is possible and has toxic effects. It can be caused by a number of different things including high carb diets, diets of large amounts of fermented foods, excessive alcohol consumption, high-stress lifestyles, and antibiotics.

How do I know if I am overproducing candida?

Well, there are some symptoms that you can look for. They do not always mean an overproduction of candida, but it would be wise to keep in mind that there may be an underlying cause to some of these specific ailments.

Things like athlete’s foot, chronic fatigue, digestive complications (being bloated, having constipation or diarrhea, etc.), skin issues like eczema or any kind of rash, and even excessive sugar and carbohydrates cravings are all symptoms of likely candida overgrowth in a person.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome candida overgrowth. Here is a step-by-step how-to:

Eliminate Foods Candida Feed Off Of

Candida is fueled by sugars, carbohydrates, and gluten. Take a look at your diet. If you are consuming a lot of foods and drinks that are high in these three things, it would be a good idea to start cutting down on your consumption of them.

Eliminate the Overgrowth

Certain foods and drinks, like garlic and apple cider, are high in antifungal agents that will start to kill off any overgrowth of candida you may have.

Replace the Bad Foods

It is hard to take out foods with high amounts of carbs and sugars, but there are foods that you can eat in their place to help cope with the process. Eat healthier snacks like unsweetened yogurt, hardboiled eggs, and assortments of different nuts and your body will thank you.

Improving Your Immune System

Making sure you get your daily essential vitamins will keep your immune system fighting strong. Keeping your diet well balanced and taking vitamin supplements will help greatly.

Get Your Good Bacteria Back

One of the more prominent causes of candida overgrowth are rounds of antibiotics. Antibiotics are seen as good. They kill off bacteria. That’s good, right? Not always. Antibiotics kill off bad bacteria as well as good bacteria (yes, there are good bacteria in you and they are your friends). Taking rounds of probiotics can get your good bacteria back and will help eliminate candida overgrowth. You can find good probiotic formula online and in stores, a popular brand being DrFormulas.

Keeping it Under Control

After getting your candida levels under control it can take a while to fully heal from it. It can take weeks, even months to get better. But, if you avoid the high sugars, carbs, alcohol, and overdoing the antibiotics, you should be able to keep your candida growth to a healthy amount.

Before panicking, be sure to get tested. Many of the candida overgrowth symptoms can be caused by other illnesses. You can speak with your doctor about your concern about possible overgrowth and they can test for it with different blood and stool tests.

If you are lucky enough to not be positive for candida overgrowth, then at least you can use these tips to make sure you never have issues with it.