Gifting: The Secret to Corporate Success

Authenticity is important in branding.  In fact, 90% of customers report that they prefer brands that feel real and personalized.  One way brands can develop an authentic voice is through brand archetypes.  Brands can further develop this authenticity by embodying it in their gifting practices. 

What are brand archetypes?  They were developed in the 1940s and identify 12 main personality types.  Each archetype has its own connotations, which can be used to magnify a brand’s unique values and goals. 

For example, one brand archetype is the hero.  This archetype values nobility and practicality.  If a company shares these values, it can align itself with the hero archetype and inject it into their marketing campaigns and corporate gifting practices.

Corporate gifting and brand archetypes work together to personalize brands.  Gifting is important because it institutionalizes a brand’s archetype, retains customers, boosts word of mouth, and builds consistent touchpoints with consumers.  In fact, 66% of people say that they will remember a brand’s name a year after receiving a gift. 
Once a brand knows its archetype, it can provide its customers with gifts that support this personality.  If a brand is struggling to select gifts, there are companies that can help with this process.  Regards is one of these companies, providing meaningful gift pairing ideas for corporations.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype