Health Benefits of Pools

You’ve seen commercials all summer long of people having fun, splashing, and playing in a pool and think, I would love to have a pool. What most people don’t realize is that a pool has tons of health benefits in addition to the cooling off and entertainment factors.

Health Benefits of Water-Based Exercise

According to the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), water-based exercise can benefit folks of all ages. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, the CDC says this kind of exercise can help decrease pain via easy movements within the water. Swimming can help improve mental health as it elevates mood and decreases anxiety and depression. Teenagers are quite prone to anxiety and depression, so experts often recommend a number of activities to alleviate these issues. Top of the line teenage depression rehab centers encourage sports and outdoor activities like swimming in addition to counseling and medication to help their patients. Water-based exercises can also help older adults by improving bone health and overall strength. Regular exercise like swimming can also help to boost your immune system, boost metabolism, improve circulation and respiration, and promote better sleep; not only is the pool for children to learn to swim, it can be a health benefit for the entire family.

Private Cooling Off Option

Hot summers now seem to affect the worldwide population. A pool in your backyard offers the opportunity to cool down in a private space. No lines to wait in or restricted hours. If you feel like taking a dip at three in the morning (clothing optional), this is definitely your choice, whereas when visiting a public space, you have time restrictions and of course, are required to be dressed appropriately while sharing the swimming space with strangers. With a private pool in your own backyard, you control who swims and when. Since you get these controls, you can share the health benefits with friends and neighbors by providing poolside entertainment. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping the conversation going for hours when you can set up a volleyball game or basketball net within the pool. Playing sports and various games in the pool keeps everyone entertained and exercising at the same time.

Check Out the Pool Owning Regulations

Now that you have decided you want to get a pool, there are a few things you need to check on. The first being what your city/town ordinance is for having a pool. Many cities require a fence of a certain height to be installed around the pool (if inground) or a ladder to be secured (if above-ground). This is so children do not accidentally wander into the area and drown, so there are some security measures that need to be taken. You also need to see if there are additional rules for what type of pool you have (in ground versus above ground). Some ordinances only permit new installations of one type, so double-checking all this information prior to purchase is key.

Shopping for the Contractor

Now that you have decided you want a pool, you need to select your pool shape, size, format, and contractor. This is definitely a project to be left to the professionals since it involves both water and electricity. Often times the merchant with the pool showroom where you design your dream pool can also install it for you. Just like any other construction project, you want a contractor that has extensive experience with pool installation. You can often check the “About Us” section of your local pool showroom like this swimming pool contractor in New Jersey to see how long the company have been in business and what services they offer. Some contractors only install pools, while others also build decks and install spas/hot tubs. Be sure to read reviews of the company, as well.

Cleaning and Enjoying your New Pool

Once you have everything installed, make sure you have all the chemicals and cleaning supplies necessary to keep your pool in top shape. The company from whom you purchased the pool will often provide training to keep your pool running efficiently and effectively and often offer support and troubleshooting along the way as well.

Now that the pool is installed, it’s time for the pool-warming party where you can entertain, enjoy cooling off, and exercise in the company of family and friends.