Health Benefits to Camping

When it comes to camping, it’s not just an escape or a less expensive holiday. It comes with a lot of health benefits, not only physically, but also great for your mental health and social wellbeing. There are now plenty of options when it comes to camping, say online marketplace Caravans For Sale, so if you don’t fancy the traditional camping in a tent you could always upgrade to glamping or stay in a motorhome or caravan, all of which promote the ‘healthy holiday’.  

Healthier living

Camping in the countryside allows you to escape the stuffy city life, surrounded by pollution and germs, and thrive in the clean air, fresh surroundings and peaceful settings. This will allow you to relax and rejuvenate, enabling you to have a fresh start on your return. 

Camping can also lead to a healthier diet, this is due to the fact you will have more time on your hands to prepare food and think about what you want to eat. You might not have all the same appliances you would in your kitchen at home so maybe a nice BBQ, picnic or you could even fish for your dinner.

Lower stress levels

No one wants to be stressed in life, so taking a break to a peaceful environment, allows you to switch off and take yourself away from the outside world and the natural stresses which occur in everyday life.

When camping you can be free and concentrate on what your next adventure will be, not the raised levels of anxiety which life can naturally bring, therefore having a more positive effect on your mental welfare and outlook to life. It allows you time to think with just the sounds of nature in the background and nothing else to worry about other than how you will spend your day and maybe what you’ll have to eat.

Increase in sleep

With less to stress about while you’re camping, more time on your hands and less distractions in your life such as social media, your job or your phone, your sleep levels will naturally increase. Increased sleep levels will help decrease your levels of stress hormones and leaving you with more energy in the daytime for doing activities and feeling more revitalized. 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, increased sleep can also help lower this due to the constant state of relaxation keeping your heart healthy too!

Social Media Detox

When you go camping, you’ll want to turn your phone off and distance yourself from the distractions that come with everyday life. Camping will allow you to meet new people around the campsite and make new friends. Whether you’re walking to the information point and bump into someone, or happen to start chatting to a neighbour to your pitch, it’s a great way to spark new conversation which you may not get the chance to in your everyday routine. 

A social media detox is so underrated and most people don’t realise how beneficial it can be. Nowadays people are checking their phones constantly through the day and often pay more attention to what’s going on on their screen than in their surroundings. When you’re on a camping trip it’s likely that you won’t have any signal or internet and it forces us into a technology detox. This time away from your phone is great for you mental wellbeing as being on phones all the time affects your ability to concentrate and regulate your emotions.

Spending less time with your tech will also allow you to spend more time with your partner or your family. Getting out and about around local surrounds and doing activities you wouldn’t normally be able to do will increase bonding time together and bring everyone closer.

Increased physical health

When camping, exploring your surroundings is always important, and what better way of doing this than some exercise! You will always find local walks and activities such as bike riding, horse trekking, a local museum or even a visit to the beach. These are a great way to get out and about where you may not get the chance to in everyday life, increasing your physical health and wellbeing. This is also a great way to spend time as a couple or for families who don’t normally get the quality time they’d like together.

Being out in the sunshine can help boost your vitamin D levels too. Vitamin D help helps regulate how much calcium and phosphate are in the body, these are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, leaving you overall healthier and stronger. *Don’t forget to pack your suncream!*

Avoid seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 

Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression which is often known as “winter depression” as symptoms are usually more apparent in the winter but can also be visible in summer months too. The main cause of SAD is lack of sunlight, which can stop a part of the brain working called the hypothalamus which can affect the;

Production of melatonin – Hormone which make you feel sleepy, which can increase with SAD

Production of serotonin – Hormone which effects the mood, sleep and appetite. 

Bodies internal clock – With the short days in the winter, your body doesn’t get the natural sunlight it uses to wake up naturally. Disrupting your body clock can also lead to symptoms of SAD.

Going camping can help treat SAD due to the natural habits which come with it. An example of this is making a change to your lifestyle measures, which can include getting as much natural sunlight as possible, this can be done by regularly exercising, such as going for walks or bike rides and managing your stress levels which are naturally lowered when camping due to the reduced amount of worries when in a peaceful environment..

You time

One of the most important things in life is having some ‘you time’. Most days you will live by routine, putting a lot of time and energy on things which you may not necessarily want to do but have to do. Doing this can lower self esteem and raise depression levels which no one wants in their life. 

Camping allows you to be free and let yourself to do things YOU want to do and to make yourself happy. This will therefore make you feel more positive in life and ready to carry out tasks ahead which you may not have been looking forward to in the past.