Manage Your Energy Instead of Your Time

It’s essential and critical to note that the number of productive hours in a day gets fixed. On the other hand, the quality and quantity of energy available in a person are unlimited. The above message gets echoed by Diego Ruiz Duran. He advocates that for employees or any other person to remain consistently optimal; they have to be concise of their energy and not their time.

Effective time management by employing to-do lists, scheduling time for each task, and prioritizing tasks will let one know and plan out how to navigate a typical business day. With a single disruption to that schedule, your entire plan gets wholly rearranged.

Contrary to time management, managing your energies comes with an improved performance spread across the activities and tasks one undertakes. Working energies allow employees and individuals to refocus their attention, and they become effective contributors with creative ideas required in critical tasks. Consequently, to achieve superior results that come with incremental gains to the individual or the organization, one must shift their management style from that which emphasizes time to the one with a clear focus on energies. Below are some tips one can employ and they become effective energy managers, as illustrated by Diego Ruiz Duran.

1. Identify the Race You Need to Run

Speed is essential when delivering on a project, but high performance is necessary when working on a critical task. When dealing with such a project, one will often get guided to take it as a marathon but not as a sprint. Reducing your speed ensures that one does not suffer from burnout effects and can remain focused on track for a long time. Delivering quality service demands that one concentrates on their energies rather than the time taken to provide on a product.

2. Become an Energizer

Research shows that individuals who influence and energize others to achieve more are themselves higher and better performers. Some might misconstrue being an energizer to being an entertainer or being charismatic, but rather, an energizer is an individual who can offer themselves wholly into the interaction. Listening to other coworkers’ challenges and participating in helping them achieve their goals reenergizes and boosts their performance and the one offering a hand.

3. Understand What Sustains Your Spirit Levels and What Drains

Working with a team that regularly, if not daily, dumps their problems on your desk, and the saddest part is that this team doesn’t seem to bother to offer a solution that might be draining. To remain productive in your workday, it’s highly advisable to avoid such groups, events, or tasks where the energies to perform well get drained. Instead, engage in a team, occurrences, or conversations that leave you energized to achieve more and sustain your deprived energy all day long. Being in control of one’s time and managing your time is critical in remaining productive. Understanding what works best for you and planning for it is essential for achieving high energy sustainability.