4 hacks to instantly boost your health

While our parents and grandparents might contest it, many people believe that we are in one of the most stressful eras to date.

Whilst technology has worked wonders in some regards, it’s created a culture where information is expected instantly. This prompts a whole host of reactions from our body, including stress, and this means that on the whole our general health is suffering.

Unfortunately, the scope of this article isn’t going to turn your life upside down and reverse the effects that life’s rigours place on your shoulders. Instead, the purpose is to show that with a few quick hacks, you can make all of the difference to your quality of life.

Let’s now take a look at four of these hacks to highlight the point in-detail.

The obvious one: ditch the cigarettes

Well, we promise today’s article isn’t going to be too obvious, but this first point needs to be said.

As much as the authorities try their hardest, a lot of people in the world still smoke. As we all know, the health repercussions (both short-term and long-term) are immense.

As such, try anything you can to ditch cigarettes. This is a field that has got somewhat easier over the years, with various aids like electronic cigarettes helping here. In fact, you can even create your own DIY e-liquid juices, which can make your quit journey a little easier to stay on top of.

Make sure you get a minimum of seven hours sleep

This is advice that tends to vary between years, with some sources even suggesting that the daily figure should be closer to eight hours.

For the purposes of today, let’s stick with seven. This amount of sleep has been linked with higher energy levels, enhanced brain functionality and even better skin. It’s a no-brainer – but barely any of us follow this advice.

(But try and wake up earlier)

Following on from the above, if you are looking to get those elusive seven hours, sooner rather than later is the philosophy you should be following.

It has been found that those individuals who wake up earlier are less likely to have a whole host of conditions compared to those who love a lie-in. What conditions are we referring to? Anything from diabetes right the way to respiratory issues.

On the subject of starting your day well…

We’ve spoken a lot about getting adequate, and the right type, of rest through this article and this next point surrounds the actions you take after you get out of bed.

For a long time, a lot of us started to miss breakfast. We weren’t hungry in the morning, so why would we turn to something that contains obvious calories?

Well, if you still fall into said category, it’s time to change your approach. Not only has a good, protein-rich breakfast been found to boost your mood, but it also decreases the chances of you snacking on unhealthy items through the day.