Health Benefits to Using a Vaporizer over Smoking Medical Marijuana

The use of vaporizers for marijuana has been gaining popularity over the past few years as many smokers are making the move away from the traditional methods, especially for medical users. This article will inform you on why they’re making this move, and most likely you will make it too once you’re done reading.

Regular smoking comes with an alarming number of negative effects on your health which are tremendously reduced or even eliminated through the use of a vaporizer. Around 80 percent of deaths that are caused by chronic obstructive disease within the lung are directly related to smoking. The CDC published their research on the matter, and it stated that 90 percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. In fact, lung cancer is so aggressive that even breast cancer causes less deaths in women. It is not just the lungs that are damaged by smoking, pretty much all of your organs are affected by it.

The combustion nature of smoking damages your lungs while wasting important active ingredients in your blends. On the other hand, using a vaporizer deflects this damage to your respiratory system since you are producing pure clear vapor, which is much easier on your lungs. The active compounds of your dry herbs or wax concentrates are released by vaporizers through the use of significantly lower temperature than combustion methods. By doing so, the production of carbon monoxide, harmful toxins, and other dangerous byproducts that are released by normal smoking are eliminated. In addition, due to their ability of allowing you to enjoy wax concentrates, vaporizers cause you to better utilize the higher concentrations of active compounds. If you require significantly more powerful and immediate effects from your blends then you need to try a vaporizer; and trust us, you are very likely to make the permanent transition to vaporizers.

What deters many people from making this switch is what they perceive as the higher cost of using vaporizer. However, over the long run the switch to vaporizers will actually save a lot of your hard earned cash as long as you purchase from one of the best online vaporizer retailers. Many of them offer coupons and discounts, and some even offer free shipping.

It is true that initially you need to invest a decent amount of money in your new vaporizer. However, due to the efficiency of the device, you will pretty much eliminate wasted weed. Basically, vaporizers only produce the aforementioned clean and pure vapor when you turn on the forced-air unit or draw from the mouthpiece. This elongates the life of the wax or dry herb that you are using, thus you derive the same amount of pleasure from less weed. Instead of your product burning away as long as your joint is lit, it is only used when you inhale. In the long run, whoever you are buying weed from would be upset but you will be happy and a bit richer!  

Another upside is the fact that they offer greater access to the flavor of your botanical material. This is due to the fact that they do not burn up your herb or concentrates, thus allowing you to taste more nuanced and cleaner flavor that are usually undermined when you use the traditional inhalation methods.   

Sometimes we are put in a situation where discretion is a must during a smoke session. Like the family holiday where you need to do your best to keep grandma from being disappointed in her perfect little angel. During those times, a vaporizer is your new best friend. When compared to smoking in the traditional combustion methods, vaporizers release a greatly reduced scent. The odor released by a vaporizer disappear in minutes, meaning that the smell does not accumulate in your house and stick to your hair or clothes.

Vaporizers are the new cell phones in the sense that they can go wherever you go and allow you great mobility. They come in all sizes, and the smaller ones like the vape pen make it tremendously convenient to have what you need with you no matter where your day takes you. The vape pens have quickly become the most widely used of all vaporizers since they are so light, battery powered, operated with great ease, and super compact.

Finally, vaporizers offer numerous innovative features, such as precise temperature control, single button operating systems, retractable mouthpieces, smartphone app compatibility, haptic feedback, and fast heating. Traditional combustion methods cannot compete at all with the reliability and user experience that vapors provide.