Health & Safety: Finding 5 Low Cost Ways To Approach Senior Life

Senior life in today’s economy offers challenges. Many are working longer or looking for part-time jobs. Price are rising and fixed incomes are…fixed. Cutting down on expenses should have equal billing with getting healthier.

Trim Your Food Budget

Saving money on the food budget is usually a trade-off with time. If not already a good from-scratch cook, learn to become one. Using your own ingredients controls the quality of the meal. You’re not eating additives and preservatives and can adjust to dietary requirements. Find wholesale food outlets, farmer’s markets and restaurant suppliers. Some restaurant food suppliers are open to the public and quality and prices are exceptional. Shop with a friend and split large packages. Shop once a week or less to prevent impulse buying. You can also drink tap water instead of soda that will instantly help with health concerns and even trim the budget.

Trim Your Waistline

Check if your health insurance offers wellness incentives such as gym memberships. See what the ‘Y’ or senior center offers. Form a walking club with neighbors. Use an exercise DVD for seniors. Revisit activities you once enjoyed. Check with your doctor before changing your activity level to see what would be best for you.

Trim Your Living Expenses

When dealing with health issues and concerns there are several things to determine. If you have several medical issues that make it hard to address or the bills seem to be getting to hard to pay for there are several options that are available. There are several senior living options that have in-house medical staff that will be able to help you live a more healthy life and can reduce the cost of medical bills by paying a monthly bill instead.

Trim Your Interest Rates

Look at interest rates on any debt and try to lower rates. Make annual payments instead of monthly payments on insurance, etc. Set up your monthly bills for automatic payments and never pay late fees. This isn’t an interest rate, but ask for senior discounts everywhere. You’ll be surprised.

Trim Your Risks

A complete home security system will provide peace of mind. LifeShield in Baltimore offers systems that include free medical monitoring. Their interactive monitoring protects homes against burglary, fire and carbon monoxide. Medical pendants are also available that will help if you are under duress and are unable to get to a phone or contact a neighbor.

Seniors all hope to enjoy their retirements. Saving on monthly expenses will hopefully free up some money to use to enjoy life. Becoming healthier is a process. Little changes add up to a happier way of life.