Health Signs That May Mean You Have Pests In Your Home

Most people are unaware that simple pests in the home can cause some serious health issues and even lead to some diseases. If people were more aware of the health risks and medical costs associated with bug and pest infestation, they would be more concerned with keeping their homes pest free and sanitary. What are some of the common health issues related to household pests?

Bites and Rashes

Although bites and sores can be attributed to spiders, fleas and mosquitoes, one of the most common biting scenarios involves bedbugs. Bedbugs are small brown insects that use an elongated beak to pierce the skin and draw blood for nourishment. They most often bite at night while a person sleeps. The actual bite may not be felt, but when the person awakes in the morning they may see tiny red spots or enlarged areas that look like welts. Some areas may appear as rashes. Bedbug bites can produce a serious case of itching and annoyance. These small insects can bite any area of the skin that is exposed to contact. Side effects of bedbugs may include depression, anxiety and insomnia. Bedbug bites do not carry diseases, but the bites can become infected and cause serious skin damage, discoloration and even infection.

Fatigue, Fever, Headaches and Muscle Pain

People who develop unexplained fatigue, fever, headaches and muscle pain are most likely afflicted by a virus brought on by the presence of mice or rats that have invaded the home. Rat and mice feces contain harmful bacteria, and when the droppings are inhaled in a dry state, can trigger a number of ailments. Droppings, urine and saliva can be spread through the ventilation systems of the AC ducts or may be inhaled directly via large concentrations. Rat and mice feces are known to cause some very life-threatening diseases, such as the Bubonic Plague, Hantavirus and Rat-Bite Fever. Salmonellosis is contracted through contaminated food which has been exposed to direct contact with rodent feces. General symptoms of rodent contamination may include a high fever with flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, lethargy or loss of energy, severe headaches, and diarrhea. Severe cases may cause respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

Breathing Difficulty and Allergy Attacks

Cockroaches, although common and not considered dangerous to health by most homeowners, carry several different diseases. People who have breathing disorders can be especially sensitive to their presence and suffer allergy like symptoms, including stuffed or runny sinus cavities and prolonged sneezing fits. Cockroach bacteria and viruses can trigger full-on allergy attacks for allergy sufferers. Pest management is crucial with cockroach infestation since huge breeding colonies can result in thousands of eggs in a very short time. Relief can come from professional exterminators, Pest Control in Indianapolis, IN and local pest control companies. Such sources can evaluate the extent of the infestation and take the proper steps to eliminate it at its source, both safely and quickly.

Homeowners and family members should avail themselves with as much knowledge as possible when it comes to pest infestation. They should be able to recognize the physical signs, like residue, trails and damage to their property that is caused by various insects. Prevention is the key to keeping family members healthy and safe as well as negating the huge expense of property damage and severe extermination measures.