Understanding Dental Insurance

It’s not a secret that visiting a dentist can be quite expensive. Can you recall any such experiences when you were surprised to see a huge bill from your dentist even though you went just for a routine checkup? For those who lack dental insurance or who are not covered by their employer, these surprises can be very unpleasant. For this reason it is extremely important for you to make sure that you have a dental insurance that keeps you covered. In this article we will discuss some important points that you must keep in mind while buying a dental insurance plan.

  • Choosing a dental insurance plan:

The first thing  you should keep in mind when choosing a dental insurance plan is to see whether your dentist is included in the insurer’s network or not. If your favorite dentist is already included in the network then there is nothing to worry, you can simply go ahead and buy your dental insurance. If however, your dentist is not included in the network then it’s better to consider other options as you will be required to pay extra (a lot of extra) for availing the services of a dentist who is not included in the network of your insurer. Let’s consider another scenario where you currently don’t have a dentist, in this case you don’t have much to think about, just go ahead and buy any dental insurance plan.

  • Understanding dental insurance:

A dental insurance plan is significantly different from other types of insurance plans. While most of the other insurance plans are designed to protect you in the worst case scenarios, a dental insurance plan is designed to keep you covered in less crucial situations. The average cost of preventive dental care over a year is about $400 and the average cost of dental premiums is around $600 per year. What this means is that during a year when you don’t have any significant dental problems, you will be paying two hundred dollars more than what you would have paid if you didn’t had a dental insurance. Before you arrive at any conclusion and consider that it’s better to pay for preventive care out of your own pocket rather than to get a dental insurance, think about the worst case scenario. What if during a bad year your dentist informs you that you have some major dental anomalies. In this case you can expect the dental bill to be up to $2000 and in the absence of a dental insurance plan, the bill from your dentist will most definitely burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid such unpleasant circumstances it is perhaps in your best interest to shell out two hundred dollars more than to pay a bill of $2000 all at once.

  • Check the limit:

Before you buy your dental insurance you must also check for the limit, some dental insurance plans have a limit. For example let’s consider that the limit is $1000, in this case your insurer won’t pay anything more than $1000 dollars even if your dental bill is significantly higher than the specified limit.

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