Healthy Tips for Office Workers

The number of people working in offices is constantly increasing. In most cases, many hours are spent sitting, often staring at the screen. This causes tiredness, a decrease in concentration and even headaches. Here are some useful tips on how to live a healthier everyday life in the office.

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Let’s now look at some tips for your office time.

The right posture

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a law firm or a travel agency – anyone who sits in front of a desk for many hours straight, whether at home or in the office, must pay special attention to correct posture. In this way, back problems can be prevented. The backrest should reach down to the shoulder blades. For office chair users, both feet must be entirely on the floor. To relax the back, it is recommended to change. 

Drink plenty of water

Those who do not drink enough during the working day risk headaches and a decrease in concentration. Drinking about 1.5 litres of water during a working day at the office is recommended. To remember to drink regularly, it is helpful to place the water visibly on the desk from time to time by moving a little. By moving your pelvis slightly forwards and backwards, you help to unblock your back.

The right light

Light affects productivity at work. Working in the dark for too long can even harm your health. Many scientific studies have proved the fact that light affects our concentration. Researchers have found that people who work in well-lit rooms with bluish light are much more concentrated and make fewer mistakes. Reddish light, on the other hand, promotes relaxation. The desk must be illuminated with at least 500 lux.

Exercise in the office

We all know that sport is good for our health. It should come as no surprise to us that sitting for eight hours straight is not beneficial for our bodies. So take every opportunity to get up and move around a bit. Don’t roll over to the printer while sitting in your chair! If you have to talk to one of your work colleagues, do not call him, but go directly to him! If you have to make a call, stand up and remain standing for the duration of the call! A few minutes of gymnastics spread over the whole working day prevents tension: Make circular movements with your shoulders, move your head forward, backwards, left and right and stretch your chest forward.

Fresh air

Fresh air has a positive effect on the body and soul. Oxygen is essential for the brain’s functioning and, thus, for our concentration. Opening the windows regularly is especially important if you share an office with several people. Air out several times a day, even if it is cold outside. If you are lucky to have clean, fresh air – take advantage of it!

Open the window

Generally, taking regular breaks during the working day is advisable. This will allow you to put the above tips into practice!

Relaxing for the best work-life balance 

Thinking about your tasks, even in your free time, causes unnecessary stress. As mentioned above, setting achievable goals will make it easier to switch off at the end of the day and concentrate on other things. Sport is the activity that helps you relax the most, as the body releases happy hormones.

Clear, achievable goals

Set daily and weekly goals, but they must be clearly defined and achievable. Over-ambitious and sometimes unattainable goals create stress and frustration. One piece of advice is to do the heaviest and most unpleasant tasks first because the longer you put off doing them, the more you lose concentration and the more stressed you become. Making lists helps you to remember things, and you can tick off tasks bit by bit. You can enjoy your free time without thinking about unfinished tasks.

The best office plants

What is the most suitable plant for the office? Dracaena, Yucca or perhaps a cactus? How to choose a hardy plant for your workplace and not kill it.

Here are some benefits of green plants:

Plants improve air quality

Bad air in the office is not necessarily due to a hostile environment among work colleagues. It has been proven that numerous harmful substances accumulate in enclosed spaces. Plants purify the air naturally as they produce oxygen and increase the humidity in the air.

They increase concentration and productivity.

Poor air quality can hurt concentration. Plants improve the working environment and thus contribute to higher productivity of employees. In addition, plants are supposed to have a relaxing effect on people.

They reduce noise

Plants not only purify the air, they also improve room acoustics. Reducing background noise enables better understanding and quieter communication. Less noise also means less stress for employees.