How can you determine the quality of cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is increasing in popularity and the production is taking a flight. With lots of cannabis oils on the market, how can you determine that the quality is right? There are several indicators you can look at to determine if you are dealing with a quality product.

Type of production

There are several ways cannabis oil (or CBD for short) can be produced. The safest way to produce it is by extracting it using CO2 or alcohol. With this method, no additional chemicals or additives are added to the product. You will get clean CBD, especially compared to the other methods using chemicals. When you are considering buying CBD, make sure you avoid chemicals such as propane, butane, pentane and hexane.

Where is the cannabis oil produced?

This does not just relate to specific countries, but also the type of soil that is being used to grow the cannabis. The plants take up everything from the soil, this also holds true for chemicals and toxic waste that could be in the ground. Therefore, it is important to purchase cannabis oil that is grown on soil that is tested and certified. There is a specific ISO requirement that can indicate that the ground the cannabis is grown on is safe. An example of this is the cannabis oil from This product is created in Switzerland with the certifications in place to produce safe CBD.

CBD contents on the label

When it comes to cannabis oil from, there is another indicator that promises a better quality. These oils include the amount of CBD that is present on the label. To determine the quality, take a look at the concentration in the bottle or the total amount of CBD. When these numbers a higher, you can expect a better quality product. For CBD oil to be effective, you need to have around 250 to 1000mg per 30ml bottle of oil.

Limited amount of THC

THC is typically a substance you would find in weed, but not in CBD. There could be remainders left in the oil, according to cibdol. When this happens, the amount should be less than 0.03%. This amount is far from able to get you high, which is of course not the goal of cannabis oil. When it comes to lower quality products, it could be that the amount of THC is higher. Avoid these products, as it can have psychoactive effects. Furthermore, having a high THC substance is also illegal in some countries. Take this into account when looking for cannabis oil.

Medical claims being made?

We see this more often than not, medical claims being made that the product can solve almost everything. At this point in time, it is nog approved by any government for medical treatment. Cannabis oil from does state positive effects of the oil, but does not make any outrageous medical claim.

When purchasing a CBD oil, take into account these point and do proper research. Only in this way you can be sure of buying a quality product. Do you want more information about CBD? Visit