How Humans Can Help AI

AI technology is on the rise worldwide these days with significant increase in research, creation of startups, and private investments in the past ten years. Many of us are predicting that our lives will change considerably in areas such as safety, education, and shopping. The development of Chat GPT has had a great impact as a real game changer in the recent excitement around AI

Nonetheless, it’s critical to remember that AI is still prone to mistakes that can be serious. Although AI cannot easily solve these issues, we can due to our human intellect.  This includes exacting our own will, narrowing our focus, and determining what matters most. This can be done because we can tap into our human soft skills like empathy and teamwork, which AI can’t. 

Interestingly, AI can pass a test that tests if it’s intelligent to pass as a real human, however no AI can create something that is unexpected by its human inventors. This has led to many world leaders to encourage the stop of the development of AI. Many believe that incorporating more human intelligence and experience into AI can help maximize its functionality and allow it to become empathetic when making decisions, creative in its own right, and more. 

By providing AI with the ability to be adaptive and creative, we can help AI one day reach its full potential.

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence