How Is Your Organization Progressing With Its Employee Engagement Initiative?

Employee engagement has become a cornerstone for most organizations. This is further strengthened through the pandemic, which required people to work from home. From a physical distance, it became even more important to keep people engaged in their organization. With no physical meeting ground, organizations had to move new and innovative ways to connect. Teams and Zoom calls do not suffice, and rethinking the needs remains more important than ever. It can help to understand what other companies are doing. For example, by leveraging an employee engagement index.

How can an index help?

An index for employee engagement is more than a ranking of organizations. The ranking takes into account industries and is not limited to that information. The index provides insights into the initiatives that the organizations are taking that give them their ranking. This helps you identify the initiatives that could work for your organization as well. Especially when zooming on the industry you are part of, there are many lessons learned you can take from them.

Estimate your position on the index

If your organization is not part of the index, you can try to estimate your position. This helps you to understand the maturity of your organization, and do a fit-gap analysis of what can be improved. This, in turn, lets you build a roadmap of initiatives you can pick up to further improve the engagement across the organization.

Roadmap of employee engagement

Building a roadmap to improve employee engagement is a good starting point. You can work towards the desired end-state, and check-up regularly to see if you are going in the right direction. If it turns out the initiative is not delivering upon the promised results, you can revise the roadmap and iterate it further to refine it. 

Conduct regular check-ins with employees

The only way to measure the impact is by having regular check-ins with the employees. Do they experience positive change? What do they see improve? Are they satisfied with their work? Answering these questions can help you further refine your initiative to allow for a suitable and on-track roadmap. This does not have to be a one-on-one conversation, but can also be a survey that is sent out across the enterprise regularly. This allows you to collect data across all functions, resulting in a holistic view.

Experts in the field

Many companies have the engagement of employees at heart. These organizations provide knowledge, consultancy, and tools to other companies. By leveraging their expertise, you can speed up your engagement significantly. Besides that, they can bring valuable experience of other organizations to challenge what works and what does not work. One of the organizations that do this is Effectory, which provides surveys and analytical capabilities to companies. Want to learn more about their expertise? You can visit their website via: