How Restaurants Can Protect Customers and Servers During COVID-19

The service industry has been ravaged by COVID-19 with a number of people losing their jobs. The people that did keep their jobs might have seen a dramatic decrease in income. Bartenders were impacted in a huge way as bars around the country were closed. Restaurants did adapt by providing alcoholic beverages for delivery but this barely made a dent in the losses incurred. Restaurants are starting to reopen around the country even in states like Florida that is now the world’s capital when it comes to new cases of Coronavirus. The following are ways that restaurants can protect both services and customers during this unique and scary time.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards for restaurants are imperative especially if a person rings up a customer face to face. The person ringing up each customer is going to see far more people in terms of volume than anyone else in a restaurant. Investing in these sneeze guards is not just for staff but also for customers. Being able to provide that peace of mind is worth it for everyone involved. We are all in this together so investing money is worth it and can help keep a restaurant’s staff COVID-free which is essential if a restaurant wants to stay open.

Half Capacity

Restaurants are not able to pile people into the dining area like in the past. A number of restaurants are only able to open at half capacity due to state restrictions that have been imposed. Restaurants are a part of the phases that will allow them to go back to full capacity once the state government decides that it is safe. Putting notices on the tables that cannot be used is important especially in the situations where customers seat themselves.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations at the empty tables can allow people to make sure they disinfect their hands before eating. This can be great for servers that pick up checks that people have touched with their bare hands. This can help immensely especially if a customer still wants to wipe a table down to be safe.

Refusing Service to Those Not Following Restaurant Policies

Refusing service has to happen for those people that will not wear masks or doesn’t want to follow other restaurant rules. Regular customers might think that they will get special treatment but this shouldn’t be the case when the health of people is on the line. Most customers are willing to abide by rules but those that do not should not have the opportunity to put others at risk.

Protecting staff and customers goes hand in hand. People want to get out of the house and go to a safe environment for a bit of good food as well as entertainment. Staff want to provide for their families as not working for months has taken a toll on millions across the country. Neither wants to contract COVID-19 so take the time to assess your current safety precautions. You might find that tables are a bit too close together or not all customers are adhering to the mask requirements when entering the restaurant.