How To Avoid Wrist Pain During Push Ups

Working out should never hurt you and if you feel pain while doing push-ups, you should consider changing how you are going about it. Wrist pain is a common problem during push-ups and it often happens when you are not keen on the positioning of your hands, and it could also be due to exertion of undue pressure on the wrists. Before you explore the solutions discussed below, it’s also advisable to consult a physician to ensure the problem you are having does not stem from wrist injuries. Below are some of the ways you can prevent wrist pain during push-ups.

Use props

One of the remedies you can pursue to prevent pain during push-ups is adding some props like changing the position of your wrist. Check for anything that can help to position your wrist straight as this will allow you to do exercises more comfortably. Some of the solutions available include using dumbbells as wrist support for push ups. These can be used like some handles to support your wrist while doing the push ups. You can also place some foam or rolled-up towel beneath your hands. Also consider changing positions while working out and this could work to relieve wrist pain while doing other exercises as well.

Warm up your hands and wrists

Before you proceed to start your workout, you should consider having some warm up session to stretch your wrist and hands. Spread your fingers while holding each with the other hand. Start with the thumb and rotate them some digits clockwise and in the opposite direction. There are many things you could do for this, so just ensure you have stretched your hands and fingers to prepare for the workout session and to ensure you get everything perfectly fine.

Don’t flare your elbows out

Many beginners start push-ups by flaring elbows out and this habit continues until when they become accustomed to the exercise. It is one of the causes of pain during pushups. You should only bend back your elbows and they should be positioned at around 45 degrees. It’s important to practice the correct technique and train yourself to follow a routine that will protect your wrist during push-ups. You could get someone to help you out while you are working out so you will not make the mistakes amateurs do.

Build strength in fingers and hands

Consider strengthening exercises for muscles and tendons. Having strong fingers and arms will protect you against weaknesses that could cause the pain while you are doing push-ups. Comfort during workout is about getting used to different processes, so if it seems difficult at first you should not worry that it is the end of things as you could improve over time.

If you feel pain on the wrists while doing push-ups, it’s probably necessary you consider changing a few things about your workout. Shift the positioning of your arms and hands while working out and look for some support. You can use dumbbells for support to ensure your hands don’t touch the ground. Prepare before you go for a workout session by stretching your arms.


Photo by ophirg