How to Become a Nurse Health Coach in 7 Months

A career in nursing offers countless opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. And while registered nurses play a vital role in providing care and support, they may also feel called to do more. For those who want to make a lasting impact on the health of their community, The Nurse Coach Collective offers a transformative nurse coaching program. This 7-month program provides registered nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to become nurse coaches, without spending years in training. As nurse coaches, you will work with patients to help them make lifestyle changes that improve their health. You will also collaborate with other healthcare providers to provide coordinated care. And, perhaps most importantly, you will serve as a trusted resource and advocate for your patients. 

Why become a nurse health coach?

The job of a nurse health coach is not just to help patients manage their health and wellness and advise them on how to develop and implement healthy lifestyle changes. After becoming a coach, there will be various options open for you.

1. Improve nursing leadership

After becoming a nurse health coach from The Nurse Coach Collective, you can develop a clear vision for your nursing team. This vision will be aligned with the goals of the organization and should be communicated to all members of the team. You will also be able to develop a strong relationship with the medical staff. This relationship should be based on trust and mutual respect. You will notice that you are able to provide timely and accurate feedback to the nursing team. Your constructive feedback can encourage your team to work better and help take care of the patients effectively. 

2. Discover More Fulfilling Lifestyle Design

As a nurse, you are dedicated to taking care of your patients. However, you may find that the traditional medical model does not always allow you to provide the level of care that you would like to. If you are looking for an alternative approach to healthcare, becoming a nurse health coach may be the perfect way to combine your skills and experience with your passion for wellness.

As a nurse coach, you will have the opportunity to help people design healthy lifestyles that work for them. This may include teaching them about plant-based nutrition, mindfulness practices, and other alternative healing modalities. You will also be able to provide deep coaching support to help them make lasting changes in their lives. 

3. Start Your Own Business

Imagine starting a business as a nurse coach right after you finish the 7-month program at The Nurse Coach Collective. Health coaching is a rapidly growing industry, and there’s a real demand for skilled professionals who can help people make lasting lifestyle changes. As a nurse coach, you’ll have the technical expertise to offer evidence-based advice. If you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own business, our services can help create your own practice that will eventually see a boom in your business. 

Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program

Our 7-month Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program offers several benefits:

● Implement lifestyle medicine

● Heal your clients holistically

● Rediscover your passion

● Experience wellness in your life

● Cultivate community

● Become Board Certified

Here are some of the things included in the program:

● 7-Months online learning and support

● Dual Board Certification eligibility

● Highly experienced faculty

● Course manual

● Exclusive community

● 120 contact hours

The program costs $4,999 if you pay in full at the time of enrolling in the course. It includes access to the exclusive community, lifetime access to membership, and everything else that you may need to become an excellent nurse coach.

The program is divided into three parts:

i. Phase 1 – Paced online learning where you and your colleagues will learn about different aspects of nurse coaching, from the role of a professional nurse coach to taking accountability for any mishap.

ii. Phase 2 – Continued learning along with supervised practicum where you will put your learning into action and get a real-life feeling of what you can expect from your clients.

iii. Phase 3 – Celebrate with your peers before The Nurse Coach Collective welcomes everyone to its alumni community called Transformative Nurse Coaches.

Once you pass the exam, you will be eligible to take the board-certified exams for holistic nurse and nurse coach. These exams are administered by the AHNCC. However, you need to meet the prerequisites of AHNCC first. 

Nurse coaching can be an empowering and transformative experience for nurses. It allows you to share your wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise with others, while also developing new skills and building relationships. Becoming a nurse health coach in less than a year by enrolling in the 7-month program conducted by The Nurse Coach Collective. You can fill out our contact form to know more about the program.