How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Body Type

When it comes to mattresses, one size does not fit all. Mattresses may all look similar, but under the surface, there are different components such as comfort level, durability, and specific industrial design. You’ll need to find the one best suited for your height, weight, and body shape. From tiny to tall and everything in between, different mattresses suit different people.

So when you’re on the hunt for your new mattress, have a look below to learn how to pick the best mattress for your body. Here are the four basic mattress types:

Latex mattress: Mattresses made with latex have become more popular recently because they offer a good deal of comfort, support, and have strong spring back components. Also, they’re considered to be more natural compared to other types of mattresses. Many latex mattresses are made with synthetic and natural latex to help give them a more comfortable feel and extend their lifetimes. 

Innerspring mattress: This type of mattress uses a series of steel spring coils to give support. The springs are sometimes tied together into a single unit or wrapped individually per spring. Coil gauge means the thickness of the wire used to create the springs. Coil gauge mattress numbers typically range from 12 to 18. They’ve been made popular because of their cool, low-temperature feel, durability, and support. 

Memory Foam mattress: Originally created by NASA, the Memory Foam mattresses were never used in the space program but it did find its way into the consumer market. Over the last several years, having a luxury foam mattress has become more affordable to the average buyer. Memory foam mattresses are different from others because of their ability to soften to a sleepers specific body contour and reduce pressure points. Also, it has anti-dust mite and anti-microbial properties so it’s ideal for people with allergies or breathing issues such as asthma. 

Hybrid mattress: A hybrid mattress uses more than one support system. Usually, they consist of memory foam layered over an innerspring system. These tout the ability to retain bounciness and give the sleeper a softening body contour embrace at the same time. These are more affordable than other mattresses made with just memory foam, and have a higher quality compared to low-cost memory foam mattresses. Also, they have a traditional mattress shape compared to other mattresses that are made with memory foam alone. 

Choosing a mattress for your body type

Thinner body type: If you have a smaller, lightweight body then look for a softer mattress like a memory foam mattress that has less firmness. A mattress that is too firm could cause shoulder pain or a pins-and-needles feelings. 

Larger, heavy-set body type: If you’re on the heavier side, you’ll need to look for a mattress that is both soft and firm like a hybrid mattress. A thicker mattress has more cushioning between the surface and the coils, but it it’s too soft it may not offer enough body support and could lead to shoulder and hip pain. 

Tall, lengthy body type: Depending on how tall you are, you may need to opt for an extra-long bed with an Alaskan King mattress to best fit your body comfortably. Measuring at 9-feet long and 9-feet wide, the Alaskan King mattress is the longest and widest mattress made today. Retailers such as Macy’s and sell Alaskan King beds through their website. 

The benefits of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated

Sleep, to name a few benefits, keeps our immune system functioning properly, it decreases stress, and improves memory and brain function. A mattress that best fits your body type and provides support and comfort is an essential part of achieving a good night’s sleep. Without it, we run the risk of sleepless nights, back pain, and waking up cranky.