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How to Choose The Perfect Cannabis Strain?

The use of cannabis is on the rise and it is fair to say that the cannabis industry is looking forward to gaining more advantages at the federal level. But this is a discussion for another day because there are several loopholes in the legalization of cannabis. Despite ambiguities, legalization issues haven’t stopped the American adults from consuming cannabis. Especially for medicinal purposes. But in a recent study, it was found that adults are consuming more cannabis on an average basis. However, there has been a significant drop in the usage of cannabis among American teenagers. 

The popularity of cannabis is growing so rapidly that Forbes came out with a report on the growth of the cannabis industry. The report went on to say that the cannabis industry is projected to hit $31.4 billion by 2021. Not only this but many studies over the past few years have focused on the benefits of cannabis. And how it can help treat several medical conditions. So, there is no doubt that the cannabis industry is growing at a fast rate. But with the growth comes larger responsibilities. This is to say that as a canna user you have to make sure you are choosing the right strain from professionals who know how to germinate cannabis seeds properly and buying that strain with the help of a medical marijuana card. So, did you get your medical marijuana card online? If not, get it now and learn the right way to pick up a strain through this post. 

Stay well-informed

A little knowledge is always dangerous and as a canna-user, it is your responsibility to learn everything about the strains. So, to begin with here is some basic information about strains. Basically, strains are divided into two categories – Sativa and Indica. Sativa is largely known for its energizing effects and Indica is famous for producing a relaxing effect. In addition to this, there are a variety of hybrid strains out there. These strains are made with the help of both Indica and Sativa strains to enhance the overall experience. Now that you know all about the classification of strains, let us move forward and learn more about choosing the right strain. 

Research about the strains

Each strain is unique and it has its own benefits. So, before you go and pick a strain for yourself, make sure you research thoroughly about that strain. You can always ask medical marijuana doctors about a relevant strain that can help manage your specific symptoms. It is thus advised to consult a licensed doctor first and then find a strain with the right CBD: THC profile for that medical condition. Like a mood-boosting strain is different from a relaxing one. So, a strain that works well in the case of medical conditions like epilepsy will be different than the others. This is to say that you have a bit of homework to do before heading out to buy a strain.

Check your tolerance level

Ask yourself this question, how experienced are you with cannabis? Now, some might answer that they have been consuming cannabis for the past few years. Obviously for such individuals finding the tolerance level is easy. But for a novice canna-user, it is vital to pick a strain that is low in THC and rich in CBD. Especially in the initial weeks. This will help you treat the symptoms without getting high or paranoid. As far as the experienced users are concerned they can simply look for strains that are high in THC. 

Examine the strain before purchase

Once you are through with the process of scrutiny, walk into a dispensary and buy your preferred strain only after a thorough examination. To accomplish this,  focus on the trichomes and color on the bud. The color of fresh buds will always be green and the trichomes will have crystals covering on them. These can be of different hues of yellow, white and sometimes even purple. So, don’t be dependent on what your budtender tells you. In fact, look at the quality of the product yourself before making the final decision. 

For instance, if the bud is and the crystals are not clearly visible, you are about to purchase a stale strain. Plus it is quite possible you will not achieve the desired results with old strains. Eventually, it becomes essential to buy strains that are bright green in color and have crystals on them. This way you will be purchasing strains that are fresh and pesticide-free.

Give preference to smell 

Take this point into consideration if you are planning on smoking some good quality strains. Because every strain smells differently. Some have a fruity aroma, while the others have an earthy smell. So, make sure you choose the strain that best suits your nostrils. Not only this but the right smell will help you create some of the best dishes. For example, if you like cake, make a good cake with the help of a strain that has either a fruit-like or sweet smell. You can also choose the strains with an earthy aroma and include them in dishes like chicken curry. 

Look for local availability 

Sometimes dispensaries fall short of strains. In this case, you have to either check for availability in other stores or contact a local grower in your area. You can also look for an online store in your state/area who make deliveries to your home.  In my opinion, it is a good idea to check with a local grower. You can ask the local grower about the type of strains they are growing and based on that, you can also check the quality of bud before you actually purchase it. But make sure you go to a local grower only after checking-in with a legit dispensary. You can also buy strains online, but it is quite possible that some of the strains will be less popular in your state than the others. So, it is best to look for local options. This way you will know which strains are available and where can you get fresh, high-quality strains. 

Choosing the right strain can be a little difficult sometimes. Because there are so many strains out there and sometimes you will get caught between two high-quality strains. You will wonder which strain to go with and look for help from people working in the dispensary. They will help you but it is always best to stay well-informed. So, follow all the points mentioned above and pick a strain that best fits your medical needs. 

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