How to Choose the Right Retainer?

How to Choose the Right Retainer?

You can remove the majority of retainers whenever you choose because they are detachable, but you can also obtain permanent ones. If you receive a temporary retainer, you will most probably wear it while you rest at night, but you may also use it for a set amount of time each day. orthodontics advises that you use your retainer most of the time for the next few months if you already had your braces released or finished an aligner regimen.

Retainers that are permanent stay in until the orthodontist removes them. Retainers of any kind prevent your teeth from shifting back to their natural alignment.

Knowing the Different Types of Retainers: Retainer Basics

Many individuals desire to correct their slightly crooked or misaligned teeth for cosmetic reasons. Others could struggle with concerns related to misalignment due to oral health issues. In either situation, you could need a retainer at some stage throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Retainers are most frequently used to maintain teeth in place after they have been fixed with braces or aligners, though they may also be used to rectify very minor misalignment problems in specific circumstances.

Clear retainers: Clear retainers assist maintain the teeth and bite in their proper positions, similar to how Invisalign does.

Hawley Retainers: Most people frequently consider this type of retainer. It has a tongue-shaped design to suit the mouth and is constructed of metal and acrylic. Your teeth are kept in place by the wire’s exterior covering.

Retainers Bonded: are fixed and impossible to remove at the back of the teeth. is employed if the orthodontist is worried that after the braces are removed, the teeth will attempt to return to their previous positions.

How to Making the Best Choice?

Here are a few things to think about while choosing the best type of retainer for you. Always remember to properly examine your alternatives with your orthodontist, who may propose the best course of action.


When worn properly, all three types of retainers are typically quite successful. Much is dependent on a person’s unique routines. For instance, it’s crucial to know when to put on, take off, or clean your retainer.


This could be an important factor. You are ultimately responsible for how well your retainer performs its function, so you should choose a solution that fits your lifestyle. Permanent retainers can be highly practical because they only require routine maintenance and proper oral hygiene from the patient.


Your best options if aesthetics is important are a clear or permanent retainer. Since clear retainers are nearly undetectable, you can wear them whenever you want and hardly anyone will notice. Hawley retainers are more noticeable since they include wires that cross in front of the teeth, and many patients only use them at home or when sleeping.


Maintenance is crucial. Poor retainer care can result in a variety of other problems, like tooth decay or gum disease.


Regarding durability, Hawley and permanent retainers are both well-liked. Less common are clear retainers. For instance, patients who grind their teeth may want to think about one of the other possibilities.

Bottom Lines

If you want a better understanding of the process behind choosing a retainer, or if you want to decide whether one is a good option for your smile, you’re likely to benefit from these tips. Use them as a guide, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact our office. We’ll help you sort through any concerns.