How to Connect with Consumers

How to Connect with Consumers

Raphael Avraham Sternberg is an entrepreneur and business consultant. ABC and Global Radio have interviewed him on his business success and entrepreneurial experience. He is a Business Change Consultant for professional business transformation initiatives. Raphael Sternberg discusses how businesses can connect with consumers.

1. Respond to concerns

Customers need their complaints heard and their problems solved very fast. This is a valid strategy the business can adopt since, often, the customer will be very upset if the company fixes its problem quickly. If the complaining customer feels that their issue is important, they will communicate more with their business.

2. Be active on social media

A business can also connect with their customer through social media. Since individuals are so active on the internet, having a Facebook page, Twitter feed and other social media sites benefit any business. This will allow them to communicate their brand of products and services to the public. If the customers like a business’s Facebook page, they will share it with their friends on Facebook and increase the visibility of the brand online

3. Have some way to reward customers

Loyalty cards are yet another beneficial strategy for a business to connect with its customers. Good customer service can be experienced by retaining customers by rewarding them with discounts and special offers. A customer will appreciate any effort a business makes to maintain its valued customers.

4. Show your appreciation.

According to Raphael Avraham Sternberg, another good way to connect with customers is to show appreciation for their business. Some people may be okay with purchasing a product or service with poor customer service -as long as they get a good deal. An effective way for a business to connect with its customers is by showing them an appreciation for their support and continuous patronage.

5. Have quality goods or services

In general, most consumers prefer dealing with quality products and services. A business needs quality offerings to create a sense of customer trust and loyalty. Many consumers only buy from well-known brands because they are certain of the quality of their products or services.

6. Make products or services easier to find

Another way a business can connect with consumers is by making their products or services easier to find. This is particularly helpful for companies that have a smaller market share. For instance, a music store may make its product or service easy to find on Youtube, Spotify and other digital platforms. Some companies sell food and other products that provide recipes for their customers. This helps customers and increases the business’ profits due to increased demand for their product/service.

7. Make the customer feel comfortable

Raphael Sternberg states that a business can connect with its customers by making them feel comfortable. To do this, a company must create a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers. Customers should never be made to feel or think they are being forced to buy something they do not want. This is because it could hurt the trust that will be created in the future.
Connecting with customers is a very beneficial strategy for any business. It allows customers to feel important and appreciated by the brand.