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  • Understanding Customer Value

    Understanding Customer Value How businesses can understand customer value, according to entrepreneur Raphael Avraham Sternberg. Introduction If people want to be successful in business, they need to understand what their customers value. Even if they have a great product or service, it won’t matter if others don’t see its value. They need to understand the […]

  • How to Connect with Consumers

    How to Connect with Consumers Raphael Avraham Sternberg is an entrepreneur and business consultant. ABC and Global Radio have interviewed him on his business success and entrepreneurial experience. He is a Business Change Consultant for professional business transformation initiatives. Raphael Sternberg discusses how businesses can connect with consumers. 1. Respond to concerns Customers need their […]

  • 3 Housing Market Predictions for 2023

    3 Housing Market Predictions for 2023 The housing market is always in a state of flux. Prices rise, the market plummets, and then it picks up again – but all done within years rather than decades, making for almost constant turnover. We can look forward to some trends throughout 2018; here are three predictions for […]

  • Benefits of Critical Thinking

    Benefits of Critical Thinking Critical thinking is a powerful and needed skill, but it’s even more crucial when working with data. When making decisions, people need to see both the good and the bad in their options. People should ensure that all potential risks are fully considered before making a decision. Wrong ways of looking […]

  • 7 Simple Ideas for Celebrating Someone Going Into Remission

    How to Ask a Manager for a Raise

    How to Ask a Manager for a Raise Raise is one of the essential aspects of every employee’s life. If they are not getting a good salary, they will feel bad and unhappy about it. But if you think that your employer doesn’t pay you as much as they should give you, then there is […]

  • Basic Tips for General Managers

    Basic Tips for General Managers General managers are responsible for overseeing the operational aspects of a company. They must manage the company’s finances, personnel, and supply chain.According to Raphael Avraham Sternberg, these managers are also responsible for keeping the company on track to ensure it operates efficiently and makes a profit. This position requires a […]

  • The Worldwide Globalization Process

    The Worldwide Globalization Process The globalization process is a breakneck-speed, never-ending cycle of opening up a country’s market to influence from the rest of the world. The process has been at work since the 1400s when trade began to develop, and people across oceans and lands had their commerce intertwined to create a shared global […]