How To Cope When Your Partner Is A Workaholic

When you’re in a marriage where work always comes first, there are numerous challenges that may arise in your relationship.  Navigating life without your partner can turn into a major point of contention in the relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a wrecking ball.  

There is a happy medium between work and love, but it’s not the simplest thing to achieve.  Take a moment to consider a few helpful tips which may offer a more positive way to cope with your workaholic partner.  

Listen even if you don’t understand

When your partner comes home from work, make time to listen to how their day unfolded.  Always make an effort to delve into his/her day, even if they have a technical job.

When they’re spouting off about horizontal process pumps, make it a point to show that you’re listening.  Take heart in knowing that your partner still looks forward to talking with you about their day.  Losing communication is the first step to losing your partnership.

Spare your partner the nagging

Nagging your partner about their long work hours is counterproductive to a happy home.  No one wants to work all day just to come home to an angry partner. You’ll only make strides towards pushing your other half away by constantly nagging them about their work ethic.  

If you need your partner to schedule in a break in their work, try approaching the situation with regard.  Show regard for the importance of their work, and suggest a break without an underlying sense of entitlement.

Don’t compare your relationship to others

No matter what kind of relationship you have with your partner, it’s yours.  There’s no need to compare your relationship to your friends’ or some movie you saw last week.  Of course, there are guidelines for what is healthy in a relationship, but you don’t have to be like everyone else.  

You and your love don’t have to have a cookie-cutter existence to have a healthy relationship.  Take the stress to assimilate off of your chest, and set happiness as the deciding factor in your relationship.  

Ask if you can help manage their calendar

If you want more time with your partner, you might start by trying to get your foot in the door on their calendar.  Ask your partner if you can help rework and manage their calendar to make it easier on them. Don’t try to take full control, but aim to merely have a better understanding of your partner’s obligations.  

Make the most of the time you spend together

When you do get to spend time together, make it good.  Don’t waste your couples time sitting in front of the television or even doing housework.  Make the time special, and find interactive ways to spend your time.