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How to Deal With Hernia Mesh Injuries

If stats are to be believed, hernia mesh surgeries have become one of the most common surgeries performed today in the United States. The process is completed via the use of different products for surgical repairs that include patches and plugs.

Sometimes, the plugs or patches used in the surgical procedure to repair hernia mesh can often injure the patient, especially if the surgery has not been performed by an experienced doctor. Maybe this is the reason why there is a huge surplus of hernia mesh lawsuits these days. If you believe that you have been injured due to medical negligence of the doctor and your hernia mesh surgery went wrong, then you are entitled to compensation by hiring a hernia mesh lawyer.

Experienced lawyers who deal with wrongful hernia mesh operations are available 24/7 to help evaluate your particular case and help you win the compensation that you deserve. But before you hire a lawyer, you must know the causes of hernia mesh and whether you have a hernia mesh lawsuit or not.

What Causes Hernia Mesh

There are quite a few reasons that can result in a hernia mesh. But usually, a hernia mesh occurs when an organ in the body or fatty tissue squeezes through a home in the muscle which has been weakened due to wear and tear.

According to statistics, currently, the number one cause of hernia mesh is related to obesity. Other causes relate to muscle tear due to weight lifting and pregnancy. There are also many kinds of hernia mesh that you should be aware of, these are:

Since hernia mesh can be reopened, many doctors perform the procedure in which the patch or plug the affected area to help them reinforce and strengthen the muscles and connective tissues in the area.

What Problems Can Hernia Mesh Cause?

Hernia mesh surgeries are mostly safe but some patients report having problems with the surgery that can lead to a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of patches and plugs. In order to sue the manufacturer, you will need to prove that hernia mesh surgery has injured you. If you feel the following symptoms, get in touch with a lawyer today:

  • Mesh erosion
  • Abscesses
  • Allergic reaction
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Infection in the area where the surgery was performed

Should You Hire A Hernia Mesh Lawyer?

Injured patients can file a lawsuit against hernia mesh manufacturers if they have enough evidence that a patch or plug was responsible for their injury. As a layman, it is really hard to prove that you were indeed injured due to medical negligence or due to defective hernia mesh plug or patch.

In times like these, you must hire an experienced lawyer to see your case. Since they have already defended a number of hernia mesh injured patients, they know exactly how to file a case against the company. They will evaluate your case and determine if you have enough legal evidence to fight back and win compensation.