How to Discover the Right Type of Glasses for Your Face Shape

How to Discover the Right Type of Glasses for Your Face Shape

Wearing glass frames isn’t just about fashion. It’s also about the right fit for your face shape. Your face shape is crucial when selecting the right frame for your eyewear. If you don’t know what shape face you have or are looking for ways to determine your face shape and choose the best frames for your face, this article will help.

Round Shape Face

This face shape is characterized by round and full cheekbones, while the jawline is usually sharp and defined. The eyes are generally slightly wider than average with a round face, as are the nose and mouth.

Round face shapes are best suited for square or rectangular glasses frames. If you want to wear an oval-shaped frame, you should balance the length and width of the frame with your face.

Oval Shape Face

The cheekbones are usually not visible with an oval shape face since they are balanced equally with the jawline. The eyes are oval-shaped, while the nose and mouth are wider than average.

If you have an oval-shaped face, try frames that don’t distract from the length of the face. Glasses with wider foreheads, larger frames rectangular or square, and D-shaped lenses will look good on you.

Square Shape Face

The ideal face shape is square-shaped because it has all its facial features pointed in a balanced way. The nose is narrow and straight, while the cheekbones are square and angular, and the jawline is well-defined.

Round framed glasses are the best glasses shape for square-shaped face shapes. The glasses frames should be larger than usual and in proportion to your face. If you have a square-shaped face, you can wear Round fit glasses which also help you to give your face a more balanced look.

Diamond Shape Face

The diamond shape has a narrow jawline, and the cheekbones are not visible. The ideal diamond face shape is balanced and neither too broad nor too narrow.

For a diamond face shape, you want to choose frames that are not too round or oval-shaped. Many times, you will find round glasses work better for diamond-shaped faces. This is because it helps make the eyes look rounder by taking off the focus of the bridge of the nose.

Triangular Shape Face

Although not as prominent as round or square faces, Prominent cheekbones characterize the triangular face. This style tends to have a long and slender nose, while the jawline rests gently on top of it.

When it comes to glasses, the best pair of frames for your triangular face shape is Aviator because they accentuate your cheekbones while softening angles at the same time. Look for rims that do not extend past the top or bottom of your cheeks.

Heart Shape Face

Prominent cheekbones and a pointed chin characterize the heart shape face. The ideal heart face shape will have a longer nose to balance the shorter chin.

A heart face shape often looks better with an oval or rectangular frame. Glasses for this shape should balance out the features on the cheeks to gain balance in the face. It is best to pair a heart face shape with wide or rectangular glasses.