How to Find a Quality Home Care Assistance Service in Your Local Area

How to Find a Quality Home Care Assistance Service in Your Local Area

A search for home care assistance services can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. Being fairly new to the process myself, I thought I’d share what I have learned so far. Home care assistance is a unique type of service because it includes personal care, support, companionship, and other non-medical needs in the comfort and safety of your home. When looking for home care assistance in your local area, there are several things to look for so you can find the best service to handle your needs.


One of the most important factors when searching for quality home care assistance services is based on the credentials of the agency you choose. The service should have a qualified staff that is trained in providing quality, compassionate care. Also, the home care services agency should provide proof of insurance coverage to protect their clients in an accident.


A well-trained staff is the most important aspect of providing security. Another important factor is a proper screening process. You should place your loved one with staff with no criminal record and a clear background check. Also, the agency should provide a background check for all of its current employees.

Duties and Responsibilities

The home care assistance agency should have a complete description of the duties and responsibilities of each staff member. This will help your loved one feel comfortable, secure and safe. Also, the agency should have the proper liability insurance in place to protect both your loved one and their staff.


Depending on the care your loved one requires, you will want to contact a few different agencies and compare home care assistance services. You can do this by calling each agency separately or contacting them all at once.


The agency should have an option for your loved one to choose their caregiver. This will help avoid an uncomfortable situation and ensures they feel they have a trusted ally. Also, the agency should have a proper training program to ensure both parties understand their roles and responsibilities.


The agency should have a history of providing similar services to other clients. This will help determine the level of expertise your loved one can expect from their home care assistance company. Also, the agency should have a proper system in place to handle emergencies. This may include a toll-free number or on-call person to respond to your loved one’s needs.

Consider Innovation

You may not have considered the possibility of your loved one being able to use a cell phone, computer, or tablet to connect with their caregivers. This is known as telehealth communication and is a new but innovative way for your loved one to feel connected without being physically home.

As you can see, finding a quality home care assistance company is not difficult. However, it does take time to research and contact services in your area. If you follow the simple guidelines above, you will be able to find the best quality service for your loved one.