How to Have A Nice Smile: 3 Tips for Improving Your Smile

Are you tired of Facebook and Instagram memories coming up showing you close-lipped and half-smiling? 

Did you know that only 4% of Americans floss their teeth? And that 20% never floss? No wonder so many people aren’t completely in love with a full-toothed, cheek to cheek smile. 

So, are you interested in learning how to have a nice smile? Here are three tips for improving your smile that’ll make you feel confident enough to smile (with teeth)!

1. Straighten Your Teeth 

Sometimes it’s not about perfecting how to smile, as much as it is sorting your genetics and hardware. 

Having perfectly straight teeth is one surefire way to improve your smile. There are a few ways you can achieve straight teeth. 

Get Traditional Braces

Going all out brace-face with old school orthodontics can ensure you take your teeth from crooked to straight over a few months. It’s a long, sometimes uncomfortable process but the results speak for themselves. 

Get Clarity Braces

Clarity braces are a modernized form of traditional braces, they are made of ceramics and blend in with your natural teeth. They have small translucent brackets so they’re less noticeable. 

Invisalign Solution

Invisalign is a great solution for adults because it’s virtually invisible. It’s a clear, lightweight plastic casing that covers your teeth and molds them into the perfect smile. 

2. Whiten Your Teeth 

Even the straightest teeth in the world aren’t appealing if they’re not pearly white. 2019 is no place for perfect pirate smiles, nowadays a perfect smile is straight, white and posed. 

Consider whitening your teeth to improve your smile. 

You can do this with a tooth whitening toothpaste that can be bought at virtually any store, some work better than others though so try not to skimp when purchasing this paste. 

Another option is to have teeth whitening done professionally, like at https://www.brockportsmiles.com, where they’ll give your teeth a makeover and you’ll leave with a celebrity-worthy smile. 

You do also get home-kits for teeth whitening, you can generally order these online and they come packaged with the gadgets and the chemicals you need to brighten that smile. 

3. Your Lips Matter

Lipcare is paramount to having the perfect smile. Once you’ve got straight, pearly whites you’ll need luscious, moisturized lips to complete your perfect smile package. 

Invest in a moisturizing chapstick or lip balm that you can use regularly throughout the day. And don’t forget that sunscreen lip balm if you’ll be spending a few hours out in the sun. Chapped, cracked and dry lips will not aid you in the quest for the perfect smile, drink loads of water and stay hydrated. 

Knowing How to Have a Nice Smile 

Now that you know how to have a nice smile, we leave you with a single, parting tip; learn what kind of smile works for you and your photos. Practice in front of the mirror and take selfie after selfie until you know what your signature smile is. 

Not only will your social media images improve, but your confidence and self-esteem will take a turn for the positive. 

Now that we’ve got your smile down, head on over to our health section to see how else you can improve your overall wellbeing.