How To Have Your Kids Not Fear The Dentist

Many children have a deep fear of going to the dentist. However, children all over the world love the mythical tooth fairy. Therefore, it is possible to use their love of the tooth fairy to help ease their fear of dentists. The key is going about it in a way that seems completely natural so that the child will come to be more comfortable with a dentist while maintaining their enjoyment connected to the tooth fairy. It is far easier to be successful in this endeavor when you have a guide to help you. What you will find here is that guide. Included, you will find information that you can use to compare dentists with the tooth fairy, use the tooth fairy as an incentive, and more. You will also find some information that will help you ensure your child develops the best possible dental routine. Young children love the idea of the tooth fairy. From there, it is only a small step to alleviating much if their anxiety related to visiting a dentist.

Before going any farther, it is important to note that, if the child does not already believe in the tooth fairy, this will not work. Using the tooth fairy as a way to encourage good dental hygiene is dependent upon a pre-existing firm belief. If that does not exist, it will be impossible to develop the belief at the same time as boosting the comfort with a dentist.

Once you are ready to move forward, there is one step that must come before all others. This, of course, is finding the best possible dentist. If the dentist is not the best choice for you and your child, nothing else will make the situation better. Therefore, the first step must be ensuring that you are going to the best dentist available. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you must find the most experienced dentist or the one with the most awards and certifications. Rather, it means that you must find the best match for you and your family. Every person and every family will have a unique list of requirements that will make a dentist the best match. Always take your specific needs seriously. When it comes to looking for a dentist, you want to find the best dentist. Of course, this means best for you, not necessarily the one considered to be the best of the best. Sometimes, these two things coincide, but often they do not. When searching, always start by looking for the option listed as or considered to be the best. For example, if you reside within Denver, you need to search through all available Denver Dentistry.

Once you have found a dentist that both you and your child are happy and comfortable with, it is time to move forward with the comparison. The first step is to explain what happens to teeth when you do not take care of them. Of course, try not to be overly graphic, but you still need to get the point across. Consider pulling up some images on the internet of teeth that have not been cared for. Look for ones that are yellowed, ones that have some decay, and some that are chipped. From there, you can explain that the tooth fairy does not like or want teeth that look that way. This will create the perfect segway to talk about how to keep your teeth looking healthy and pretty.

At this point, you can begin to establish the connection between going to the dentist and making the tooth fairy happy. Not all children, even out of those who believe in the tooth fairy will take to this right away. It may take time. Also, if the child has a deep-rooted fear of the dentist, this may not work at all. 

If the child is struggling with going to the dentist, associating the trip with the tooth fairy will help them to see the experience is a better light. This does not mean that they will no longer be afraid that they will not try to find a way to keep from going. It is important to note here that it may take multiple trips before the child truly begins to relax. Also, if a particular visit includes pain, it could set everything back.

The tooth fairy is always meant to be a positive image. Of course, visiting the dentist is not the only aspect of dental care that can be related to the tooth fairy. You can also use this to encourage your child to brush their teeth, use dental floss, and generally take care of their teeth. In fact, it is often best to start out with these things before including the dentist. Start with getting them to brush their teeth every day, then move onto other aspects of oral hygiene. After this has been working well for some time, you can move into including the dentist.

Make a game out of your child’s daily dental routine. This can include the tooth fairy or not. The goal is to make the process as fun as possible. The more the child enjoys the daily routine, the easier it will be to transition to reducing their fear of the dentist. This game can come in many shapes and forms. It could be a race, it could be an obstacle challenge of sorts or any other type of game the child enjoys and can easily be incorporated into dental care.

One approach to consider is the dentist being an assistant to the tooth fairy. You can refer to the dentist as such and explain that their job is to help kids keep their teeth looking great for the tooth fairy.

In short, you can use the tooth fairy or anything your child likes and enjoys to encourage a better dental routine. Going to the dentist can seem scary. By using the tooth fairy as an incentive, you can reduce the stress and fear the child associated with going to the dentist.