You can Live Longer Without Eating than Without Sleeping!!!

Most people I have met in my life who talk about living a healthy life only mention about their diet and workout routine but hardly has someone mentioned about the number of hours they sleep. Even if they do, it is prioritized at the end which gets me to think that how humans are unaware of the importance of sleep

Scientific researches have confirmed that humans can survive for a month or two without food but will die before the end of a month due to the lack of sleep. This must make my point clear about how significant is sleeping in our lives.

So, let me get to explaining a few benefits of sleeping that helps your body function the way it should

Sleep can Improve Concentration:

Sleep is very important for your brain to function efficiently. If you do not sleep well, you will not be able to concentrate due to fatigue and tiredness and your brain will not be fully active.

Good Sleep Can Help Your Body Motors to Function:

Your reaction time and body movements will improve if you sleep enough. Your mind if tired cannot respond quickly but with a good night’s sleep, you can be good at exercise and sports as your speed and accuracy improve.

Good Sleep can Keep Away many Physical Ailments:

Lack of sleep is related to other health conditions such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Many studies have proven the link between lack of sleep and such health issues hence make sure to sleep enough every day to stay healthy.

Sleep will Help You Lose Weight:

People who do not sleep enough have increased appetite due to abnormal hormone activity, this can make you gain weight. You must be aware that being overweight can cause significant damage to your overall well-being by causing physical ailments such as increased cholesterol or diabetes and further cause other issues like varicose vein which needs to be treated by contacting experts from varicose vein treatment center. Hence if you are leaning towards weight loss, be sure to get adequate sleep.

Good Sleep can Prevent Stress and Depressions:

Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone known as cortisol which will, in turn, increase your weight by lowering your metabolism. Also, lack of sleep makes your mind dull and prone to stress and depression.

Sleep can Improve Your immune System:

To have good health, you should sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Lack of sleep can cause your body to disfunction causing low immunity which may lead to other health issues.

Good Sleep can Rejuvenate Your Body:

When you sleep at night, your body starts repairing the damaged cells and your entire body cells rejuvenate. Therefore you feel fresh after a full night’s sleep.

Sleep Affects your Emotions:

Lack of sleep can control your emotions hence you may feel extremely tensed or aggressive. You will get irritated easily because of your mood swings and will find it difficult to stay happy.

Along with good nutrition and regular exercise, enough hours of sleep every day is important for you to achieve optimal health.