How To Keep Your Child Safe During a Messy Custody Battle

Child custody battles are seldom easy. Even if you’ve hired the best custody lawyer out there and you feel like you’re prepared, it won’t be a walk in the park. Instead, your child could come out of it feeling traumatized or pained because of the split between you and your partner. Any custody battle can be painful for your child, even if your lawyer is the best defense lawyer in Appleton or New York for that matter.

Here’s how you can keep your child protected during any child custody battle.

Hire the Right Lawyer

You need to pick the best lawyer who has relevant experience in the field. Not all lawyers are equal. Some specialize in general cases, but you need someone specific. Look for a reliable and experienced child custody lawyer instead of going for a jack of all trades type. The lawyer needs to have certain traits, too. 

He needs to know how to exhibit sympathy towards children involved in the case. He also needs to have worked on a similar case. The lawyer should be able to guide you and your child through the messy process of a child custody case. You need to be choosy with your lawyer because a good lawyer will always take extra steps during the case to ensure that you and your child are protected throughout.

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Spouse

Of course, during any child custody case, there are bound to be disagreements and flare-ups. This is normal. However, make sure you refrain from bad-mouthing your spouse or partner in front of your child. Children always feel safer if they feel like their parents are agreeing or getting along. If kids see their parents verbally attack each other, they could internalize this and feel traumatized. 

Putting a child through a custody battle is already bad enough. They shouldn’t have to feel like they’re in a war zone. Always be courteous and calm when you confront your spouse. It’s the best way to make your child feel safe and secure through it all. Also, you don’t want your child to resent either you or your partner in the future. Your child should have access to love from both of you and nothing should mess up this dynamic.

Focus on the End Goal

Your ultimate end goal is to make sure your child has a safe and loving environment to live in. Often, you can get caught up in the actual battle of the case and lose sight of this bigger picture. You shouldn’t get into the custody fight just to win. 

All parents love their children but sometimes, when egos get involved, they lose their focus. Your main aim should be to make sure your child feels loved and cared for during the whole case. Don’t make the case all about you and definitely don’t transform it into a fight that you want to win. Leave the fighting to your attorney and make sure you don’t take anything personally.