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How to Market and Run Your Dental Practice During the Time of a Pandemic

The pandemic has caused shifts in the way businesses are run throughout the world. The dental industry saw huge job losses when only emergency dental procedures were allowed. The positive aspect of this is the revenue was just delayed in most cases as people have begun to get cleanings done along with minor procedures. Marketing during the pandemic has to be done carefully as there are strong opinions on the virus and what should be done. Make sure to enforce safety precautions despite the tension it might cause as all patients should feel safe entering the office.

Highlight Your Safety Practices

The worry of many people is that safety precautions will not be enforced or created. As a healthcare business, it is imperative to be as safe as possible during this uncertain time. Masks are the first topic on most people’s mind when it comes to a business. Certain states require masks regardless of the business while others recommend masks. The face protection that is worn by the staff and testing policies at the door should be mentioned. People want to know if sick people have been in the office and a temperature check assist in lowering the number.

Enlist the Help of Marketing Professionals

Marketing during this time cannot take a backseat due to the pandemic. Ranking on the local search engines can actually help grow your practice during this time. Management of the website is imperative as a practice needs to institute the latest web design trends for dental practices. The main goal of the website should be to attract new patients while it should also contribute to patient experience. Easily booking appointments online or being able to ask a question with a quick response will retain patients for life. Marketing needs to be done sensitively during this time as it seems like most individuals are on edge due to social unrest and restrictions imposed by local governments. All You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Specialties Is Here.

Parking Lot Waiting Room

The waiting room shouldn’t exist during this time as it is the perfect place to transfer germs. Calling to check yourself in then waiting in the car is the route that a number of doctors and dentists have taken. There will be some patients that don’t like this but most will understand. This will also reduce the workload on staff that otherwise would have had to be constantly disinfecting the waiting room.

Remind Patients About Safety Precautions During the Appointment Reminder Message/Call

The importance of reminding a patient of procedures and safety precautions to take is important. This can help answer questions that they might have had about their first visit to the dentist during the pandemic. A last second text on the day of the appointment can remind them to bring a mask or hand sanitizer.

The dental practices that adjust in the smoothest manner will keep patients happy. Changes need to occur so helping to lessen this with information and reasonable safety precautions is paramount.