How to protect yourself from COVID-19

The basic measurements plus more tips of staying safe from COVID -19 

According to UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund, the most frequent question asked by people since the start of the pandemic is “How do I protect myself and my loved ones from COVID-19?”. The WHO (World Health Organization), the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), and other global organizations have the basic guidelines that most of us already know by memory (due to the second year of living in a worldwide pandemic). Wearing a mask, washing your hands, regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are the guidelines we are familiar with and still need to follow. Another essential measurement that most of us are aware of but do not understand completely is keeping all indoor spaces ventilated. When the pandemic started, The World Health Organization affirmed that COVID-19 is airborne disease transmission. Airborne transmission diseases are those that have the facility to spread because they can linger in the air for up to three hours. The question is, how can we protect ourselves from COVID-19, especially in closed spaces, if it transmits efficiently? And how can we be sure that the air of our most frequent indoor spaces is safe from the virus? 

Safety in indoor spaces 

Before the pandemic, we knew that clean air was essential for us, but since the pandemic started, we are now more aware of its importance. Clean air is not only crucial but also vital for our health. However, many of us think that indoor air quality is impossible because even the most spotless room can still have dirt particles filled with toxins and bacteria that could harm our long-term health. If the most sterile spaces still have bacteria lingering in the air, how can we guarantee schools, gyms, restaurants, bars, and more to be COVID-19 free?. Since the pandemic started, the demand for air purifiers has increased in hospitals, schools, bars, and restaurants. The need for these machines has risen due to their power to eliminate pollutants and small toxins in indoor air. Also, governments such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland require air purifiers in schools and even restaurants and bars to guarantee the safety of people who work and frequent these closed spaces.  

AIR8 air purifiers 

The word air purifier sounds expensive, and when you imagine this machine, you might think how expensive it must be to have one. Yes, some air purifiers in the market are indeed costly and impossible to purchase, but there is only one exception. AIR8 is a company that offers high-quality air purifiers at a reasonable price because they believe that breathing clean air should not be a luxury. Their multi-stage filtration high-tech air purifiers equipped with the most advanced technology allow them to reach the highest rate of filtration and the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) on the market. Each of their air purifiers ensures the elimination of 99.9% of toxic particles, germs, and viruses present in the air. The company is aiding schools, restaurants, and bars to keep their indoor spaces safe from COVID-19 and clean from all other air pollutants. WHO guidelines and owning a powerful air purifier such as the ones of AIR8 will guarantee safety for you and all your family.