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How to Reinvent Yourself

Believe it or not, comfort is always the enemy. This is the main reason why we should constantly reinvent ourselves. Another important fact to remember is that life is always spontaneous. We must, therefore, learn how to reinvent ourselves if we want to adapt to life’s spontaneity or fulfill our heart’s desires.

Social media is transforming billions of lives around the world. This disruptive technology can be leveraged to do more good than harm in our quest to reinvent ourselves. Since most people spend time online and reinventing how we spend our time online would be a great way to “elevate” our digital interactions. This can help in the transformation of individuals, society, and mainstream culture.

Who is Father George Rutler?

Born in 1945, Father George Rutler is one of the most treasured icons of the Catholic faith. Many are unfamiliar with these facts, but Rutler was raised in Episcopal tradition in the states of New York and New Jersey. The renowned father joined the Catholic faith in 1979 and was also the youngest Episcopal rector in the United States when he was tasked with leading the Church of Good Shepherd located in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

A Brief Look at Father George Rutler’s Achievements

Besides being a staunch Catholic priest and leader of the Catholic faith, Rutler has spent significant time making different documentaries in the United Kingdom and the United States. The priest also contributes regularly to different journals (published or online) that focus on discussing the Catholic faith. Father George Rutler loves writing. The priest has published close to 30 books on history, theology, cultural issues, and even sports.

Rutler earned his Master’s degree in 1988, from the University of Oxford located in England. While the priest is popularly known for his work in the US, he was also a preacher to the University student body and Oxford townspeople. The priest was made an honorary Texan in 1996, by Governor George W. Bush—another achievement worth mentioning.

As earlier mentioned, comfort is the enemy. We believe that Rutler will agree with this statement since the priest is a big believer in the importance of transforming ourselves, ways, and thoughts.

Father George Rutler believes that both young and elderly people should never let pride prevent them from learning or relearning about something. People who have spent their entire life in a particular ecosystem where individuals share similar beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and worldviews tend to be cozy and comfortable with life as they know it. According to the priest, this shouldn’t be the case. People should be ready to challenge and hone their beliefs if they are interested in growth. With that said, here is an important question people should always ask themselves, “if we can’t or don’t change, then do we expect our lives to change for the better”?

Change allows us to be limitless. When we reinvent ourselves, no part of us diminishes. Reinventing ourselves allows us to add to what we already bring to the table irrespective of our age.