How To Save Money On Trips To The Spa

The spa is a relaxing place where you can watch your cares wash away. Spa treatments can get expensive if you don’t watch your wallet, though. Although you’re receiving specialist treatments, this is no excuse for having to pay so much. Read through these tips on how to save money on visits to your local spa.

Look First Book Later

The problem with some people is they’ll call their spa and book a treatment without shopping around. They won’t be willing to travel to a spa slightly further away to get a better deal, even if it makes economic sense to do so. The best piece of advice is to compare various treatments.

This doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. If you see a spa which is much cheaper yet it has a poor reputation amongst customers, you shouldn’t choose it. You have to strike the right balance between looking to make savings and what you’re going to get in return for your money.

Sign Up for Deal Alerts

Assuming you live in the city, you have so many spas to choose from. Take advantage of this choice by signing up to a deal alerts service. A deal alert service automatically notifies you of special deals from your chosen brands, such as spas. They can notify you through SMS or through email.

All you have to do is take the code and enable it when you make payment. The amount automatically comes off your booking.

Watch for Hidden Charges

A common source of frustration which absolutely doesn’t do much for your Zen is hidden charges. These charges can come from anywhere. Customers who have fallen victim to them normally assume they’ve been upgraded for free. Staff members will offer you a hand massage or a foot massage in addition to your normal treatment.

What’s the first thing you think of? It’s you getting a great deal. Later, you discover this has been added to your bill when you didn’t even want it. Ask for confirmation it’s a free upgrade. Staff members won’t lie to you, but they also won’t tell the truth unless asked directly.

Go Together

Spas love to welcome groups. It enables them to run at maximum capacity and get the most out of their business. Most spas offer some sort of group booking discount. Enquire into these discounts and bring along some family members or friends.

And don’t get put off by some of the names like a ‘couple’s package’. These names are mere marketing names. You can still take a friend along and get access to these packages. In the worst case scenario, you could even lie and say you’re a couple.

Be Willing to Change

The last thing you want is to become too loyal to a brand. We all have our favorite spas. If another spa nearby seems to have a great deal, be willing to give them a try to see if you can make some savings. You might just find your new ideal place to relax in!

Today’s guest post is written by Sarah Daniel, a freelance writer and an expert stylist. She writes articles on a myriad of topics including that of fashion, beauty, health and more. She says she uses lasers to remove unwanted hair as they are a more permanent and effective solution.