7 Weird But Very Real Phobias People Have To Deal With

Fears and phobias are an integral part of human existence. We may try to talk ourselves out of our fears, but some phobias can be very overpowering indeed. Sometimes, a person’s fears may not seem quite so usual. It is possible to be afraid of certain things or situations that are a matter of everyday life for other people. Here are 7 weird but very real phobias some people have to deal with on a regular basis.


Chopsticks are great. Sure you can eat your noodles with a fork, but nothing matches the elegance of handling your food with a set of chopsticks. Of course, if you have consecotaleophobia, you would rather have the fork. People who have this phobia are mortally afraid of chopsticks.


Sometimes, certain phobias can work out in your favour. Ergophobia is the fear work. Just because someone is unable to work does not mean they are lazy; there might be a medical condition involved. People suffering from ergophobia are able to carry out daily chores, but are unable to “work” in the traditional sense and often have a tough time nailing down a source of income. Wait until my boss hears about my ergophobia the next time I’m caught slacking off.


Asking someone to take a seat is a polite welcoming gesture, but for some, it could trigger a full-fledged panic attack. Kathisophobia is the fear of sitting down. Ever see that one person in the train or bus who prefers to keep standing even though there are plenty of empty seats around? Chances are the person has kathisophobia is very afraid of actually sitting down.


I always have trouble spelling long words. Even if I do know the spelling, the length of the word can often end up confusing me. However, my inability to spell them does not mean I am afraid of words with too many letters. However, there are people out there who are actually afraid of words that are too long. Ironically, the fear of long words, sesquipedalophobia, is quite a long word itself.


Our body has many natural processes that need to happen in order to ensure that everything functions as it should. Healthy bowel movement is crucial for ensuring that waste is eliminated from the body; poor bowel movements usually result in people having to undergo serious detoxification processes. Defecaloesiophobia is the fear of bowel movements. You can always spot someone with Defecaloesiophobia; they are usually the ones that stay away from the bran muffins and granola bars.


If there is one thing that everyone in the world wants more off, it is money. We never seem to have enough of it; at least not enough to fulfil all our desires. Yet, there are people out there for whom the exact opposite is true. Chrometophobia is the fear of money and people with chrometophobia are unable to deal with currency. Doctors suggest that this fear of physical currency might stem from the fact that money is a great way for germs and diseases to get around.


People are generally apprehensive about visiting the dentist. In fact, most people forgo their regular check-ups and only decide to go to the dentist once something goes wrong. However, there are some people for whom going to the dentist is close to impossible. A person with odontophobia is afraid of dentists, even ones that they would casually meet at a party.

The trigger for these phobias may seem very weird, but do not underestimate the psychological effect they have on people.

Jamie Sheen is the author of this informative post. He is a health care expert and an avid blogger. He feels that the cosmetic dental work should be done by an expert to avoid future complications.