How To Stay Healthy While Moving

How To Stay Healthy While Moving

Up until recently, moving from one destination to another was something most people worried little about. However, that has all changed in the era of COVID-19. In today’s world, everything from signing paperwork to having the moving company inside your home has become more complex and potentially more dangerous to your health. However, if you keep a few tips in mind while using common sense and good judgement, you can move safely during the pandemic and still remain healthy. To do so, take the following precautions.

Don’t Delay Your Move

Whether you are moving because you have accepted a new job, have recently retired from your job, or just because you want to live in a different part of the United States, don’t feel as if you have to delay your move due to COVID-19. In fact, most moving companies will go out of their way to work with you, such as offering discounts for using their services during the pandemic. By proceeding with caution and staying attentive during the moving process, you should be fine.

Limit Exposure to Others

During a typical move pre-COVID-19, it was not unusual to have multiple members of a moving crew inside your home with you, your family members, and probably some friends as well. However, the pandemic has changed all that. To stay healthy, you should limit the exposure you have to others during the move. For example, try to avoid handshakes with movers and others, and of course practice social distancing with everyone. In many cases, moving crews are being limited to only two members at a time in a household, while a third member stays at the truck.

Movers and PPE

Before you ever agree to let a moving company handle your move during the pandemic, make sure the movers who will be at your home will always have an adequate supply of PPE with them at all times. This means not only face masks, but also gloves and hand sanitizer. If you believe a moving company is not taking these and other safety protocols seriously, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

Complete Your Paperwork Virtually

Whereas before you would sit down with moving company personnel and spend time filling out various documents, you should now complete your paperwork virtually to limit the time you will be spending in close contact with others. While this may sound complicated, the process is actually much easier and quicker than most people realize. And of course, your electronic signature is still considered valid, so don’t worry about any potential problems in this area.

Check On Your New Destination

Before you make final arrangements for your move, it is best to inquire about any special rules regarding quarantines or other rules that may be in effect at your future destination. After all, you don’t want to go to the trouble of moving somewhere, only to find out when you arrive that you may be required to quarantine. If possible, it may be a good idea to get a COVID-19 test before you embark on your trip, so you can have a negative test result to take with you on your move.

Though there are some inconveniences brought about by COVID-19 that will make your move a bit more stressful, it is all about how you approach the situation. By continuing to wear your mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer when needed, you should be able to complete your move in a much easier way than you anticipated. In the end, a few extra precautions along the way will be worth it.