Innovative Health & Fitness Solutions for the 21st Century

We are all extremely happy to see the end of 2020 and hopefully, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the ongoing trend in physical fitness and overall well-being, there are some exciting fitness programs that offer a lot more than just physical activity.

Obstacle Courses

This brings in the element of challenge, with well-thought-out layouts featuring climbing obstacles that are very creative and will test the abilities of a child or adult. Ask anyone who’s ever completed the Ninja Parc obstacle course and they will tell you it is more than a little challenging, with wall mazes, swinging objects and horizontal tables. Team up with friends and compete in a friendly and vibrant ambience, honing your skills and developing a higher level of fitness, which makes for a great social outing with your friends.

Parkour Classes

This is a radical sport that many kids are into; the moving through urban areas, negotiating stairs, doorways and gaps, but this form of extreme movement is best learned in the right environment, to develop the essential skills before attempting parkour in an urban environment. This relatively new discipline requires numerous skills; jumping, balancing, rolling, with excellent spatial awareness, as you figure out how to traverse what is in front of you.

Group Training

Essentially for teens and adults, group training involves cardio, developing flexibility and strength, along with skills that help you throughout your life. Group training is perfect for those who wish to make new friends and enjoy healthy drinks and snacks and its flexible; once you are member, you can join any of the sessions. Click here for tips on building muscle mass from pro weightlifters.

Virtual Fitness Solutions

The pandemic saw the birth of a new sector, with virtual classes and sessions; you can join an online yoga or Pilates class and can even hire a personal trainer via a Zoom call. Indeed, most Australian gyms and fitness centres have at some time, offered virtual classes where the students interact with the instructor in a video call.

Bringing Challenge & Adventure into the Equation

Working out is fine, but if you inject challenge with obstacles and hard to negotiate objects, it is a totally different experience; you could be a key player in a team, which involves training and playing, so you get the competitive element. If you would like to learn more about obstacle courses and parkour venues, a Google search will help you locate an established venue that isn’t too far away and you can drive over and check out the programs, or browse the website to see the various activities on offer.

The kids of today are into wall climbing and parkour and if you have yet to try this, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many adults keep their fitness levels at fitness centres around Australia. Challenge yourself with something that demands a high level of fitness and make new friends and make it a weekly affair.