How to Stop Drug Addiction Without Rehab

If you have been battling drug addiction, are sick and tired of your addiction and you are ready to have the willpower to overcome it then you’re in the right place. You may be wondering if you have to check yourself into a center or if you can do it on your own. Keep reading to learn how to stop drug addiction without rehab as long as you have the determination and the right resources. 

Self-Guided Recovery

Whether you have been contemplating saving up for rehab or wondering does insurance cover rehab, you always have the option of self-guided recovery. When your desire is big enough to overcome your addiction then doing it on your own is possible.

Please keep in mind that you want to do plenty of research before attempting to do it on your own because even though it is not impossible, it is more difficult than being in a rehab program. 

Going Cold Turkey

Some people choose to just stop and go cold turkey but this can work against you. Depending on what your body is addicted to, going cold turkey can be deadly. The first 48 hours are the most difficult time and it is best to go through the initial detox portion of your recovery in a medical setting.

This will keep you safe while your body goes through intense withdrawals. The detox part of your recovery is best to seek out professional help.


Whether you go to a rehab program after you detox or choose to do the recovery process on your own, it is always you in charge of rehabilitating yourself. You are the only one that can want to go sober in order to make it happen. No one can make you sober – only you are in charge of this.

Once your mindset is prepared for the journey ahead it becomes a matter of changing your lifestyle to meet the needs of your recovery. Even if you choose to do this without a rehab program it’s always a good idea to have support from someone who has been in your shoes before and has overcome their own addiction.


To help you get through all of the changes you will be experiencing you will want to have counseling or therapy to help you talk it out with someone that is neutral to the situation. Also, talk to your doctor or a doctor about any medication that can help you with post-acute withdrawal symptoms. 

Even if you don’t ever use the medication it’s best to be prepared in case. The last thing you want is to get past the detox, on your road to recovery to fall into the relapse statistic, because you didn’t have all of your bases covered. 

Now You Know How to Stop Drug Addiction Without Rehab

There you have it a quick guide on how to stop drug addiction without rehab as long as you are determined. Having determination is one of the first steps once you realize that you have a problem that you want to address. Coming out of denial is typically the hardest part.

Once you are out of denial you are one step closer. 

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